AFC Championship Game: Chargers @ Patriots

Chris RadezSenior Writer IJanuary 13, 2008

So my Patriots get to host the beloved Chargers this year. How wonderful.

I remember last year's playoffs when they made the trip to San Diego. I seem to recall the Chargers getting rather upset about the Patriots mocking their celebration dances on their home field.

That was pretty funny.

If they didn't want to be mocked on their home field, they should've won the game.

Anyways...that was last year, and now they're coming to New England where we won't have any problem selling out tickets to the game. We also won't feel the need to disallow people from buying tickets who don't live in the area.

Also pretty funny.

But hey, let's talk some football.

The Chargers were beat up quite a bit during the Colts game. Phillip Rivers headed to the locker room in the third quarter after landing funny on a jump-pass to Darren Sproles. Billy Volek ended up finishing the game for him.

Their star running back, Ladanian Tomlinson, missed most of the game with a bruised knee. Antonio Gates was questionable and played sparingly.

Luis Castillo also made a trip to the locker room after being blocked in the ribs during the first quarter.

Needless to say, the Chargers are going to need all the healthy bodies they can muster up if the want to go into New England and take down the mighty Patriots. On Saturday, the Jaguars were able to effectively take Randy Moss out of the game. His only real impact was on a fourth down play in the first quarter. Other than that he was not a deciding factor.

That didn't matter though, Brady did what Brady does best. He found open receivers. Welker, Faulk, Maroney, Watson, and Gaffney all played very well, and of course there was Stallworth's 53 yard catch to seal the game in the fourth quarter.

Earlier in this season, the Pats destroyed the Chargers by a familiar score of 38-14. With San Diego being even more banged up and tired, I just can't see them pulling out a victory against the unbeaten Patriots.

Prediction: New England wins by three TDs and advances to their fourth Super Bowl in seven years.

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