Wrestlemania XXVII News: Creative Update on the HHH/Taker & Del Rio/Edge Matches

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Wrestlemania XXVII News: Creative Update on the HHH/Taker & Del Rio/Edge Matches
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Hello all! It's not really that often that you find me doing these news updates for WWE, but I just wanted to share some news here that you all might find interesting. I definitely found it interesting!

If you're not into backstage news, or even some sort of spoilers for RAW or SmackDown!, then I suggest that you don't keep on reading!.

Anywho, WrestleZone.com is reporting the following stories for tonight.

"WZ exclusively reported several weeks ago that WWE creative was discussing the idea of making the Triple H vs Undertaker match at WrestleMania a "Career vs Streak" match, however it's being said at this time that it looks like the match will only retain the "No Holds Barred" stipulation."

Ray's P.O.V: Obviously, the Career vs. Streak buzz for Taker/HHH has toned down the last few months.

I don't think anyone really thought that WWE would put on another Career vs. Streak match 2 consecutive WrestleManias a row. Whoever was still thinking that this match would be Career vs. Streaks, their doubts have been fulfilled now. Looks like Triple H vs. Undertaker will stay NHB. 

I guess this means the Hunter will stick around for a while. I really hope you don't go into the title hunt again. He's won every title known to man. Help put over younger talent, or even make a tag team with a person like Orton or somebody.

Did you want Taker/HHH to be Career vs Streak?

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Better yet, make a heel stable like Evolution, with Hunter taking on the Ric Flair role. Looks like you'll have to go out another way, Triple H.  

Here's our next bit of news!

"It's also being said that the planned Edge vs Alberto Del Rio Championship match is likely to be made a triple threat match with Christian being added to the bout. That decision is expected to be made within the next few days."

Ray's P.O.V: Certainly a great bit of news for the peeps out there.

If Christian is indeed added to the bout, WrestleMania's card will change it's complexion greatly.

The time for adding Christian to ANY other match on Mania has come and gone, and like I said in my previous article, adding Christian into the match is the logical choice.

Obviously, this decision has yet to be confirmed by Vince McMahon himself, which will be the real test with rumours of McMahon hating Christian and all around the web.

If the decision is made to indeed add Christian, expect him to be on this week's SmackDown! with Del Rio retaliating from last week's loss to Christian.

Maybe a Christian vs. Del Rio again with Edge as special guest ref with the stipulation that if Christian wins, he gets added to the match at Mania. If anything, adding Christian is definitely the right thing to do on WWE's part.

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