I Have a Dream: Top Hopes for This Football Season

DJ WalkerCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2008

Hopes, dreams, expectations: They're what drive us football fans through the drought of the offseason and the dry period between spring scrimmages/training and opening week.

We have our RSS news feeds set up in our offices in the hopes that some news of our team will reach our desktop, moistening our parched throats. We check ESPN and Fox Sports and whatever news outlet we can find to keep our minds looking ahead for the season to come.

I've had some of my hopes and dreams come to life, and some that have been completely dashed. There are some that still are yet to be decided. This is how my season has gone so far.

Hopes Come True

5. Brett Favre is not in Green Bay.

Don't get me wrong: It's not that I don't like him or don't think he's a great QB. I'm just tired of hearing about him. I have a couple of friends from Wisconsin that think he's God's gift to humanity, which is totally wrong—Tom Brady is God's gift to humanity.

4. Millen got canned.

If you're a Detroit Lions fan, you know where I'm coming from.

3. USC lost again to an unranked team in their conference.

Dear USC,

Thank you for showing me that gambling is wrong. Now I will think twice before betting on the No. 1 team in the country to beat a lousy football team. Not to take away from Oregon State, but man, you guys blew it. Again, thanks.

2. Despite their loss last week to the 'Skins, the Cowboys are still the dominant team in the NFC.

It was a rough few years to be a Cowboys fan in the post-Aikman, Irving, Smith, Sanders era, especially being from an area where people dislike the Cowboys for no other reason than because they are the Cowboys. Now, even though they haven't won a playoff game in a while and have a pension for taking in the trash of the league, I can be proud to be a Cowboys fan.

1. Michigan beat a ranked opponent.

I'll be honest—I didn't think it was going to happen. I looked at the schedule long and hard and tried to find a ranked team I thought they could beat, but I failed. I went into that game Saturday with a piss-poor attitude and a dour look on my face. I had hopes, but that's all they were until Saturday.

Hopes Not Yet Come True

5. I hope the Colts have a losing season.

Along the same lines as the Brett Favre scene, I have a really obnoxious friend who worships the ground Peyton Manning walks on. I just want him to shut the heck up. Is that too much to ask?

4. Will people please shut up about Tim Tebow?

Honestly, I have nothing more to say about this.

3. I hope a meteor falls on Spartan Stadium on Oct. 18 around kickoff of the MSU/OSU game.

My two favorite teams in the league are Michigan and anyone playing Ohio State, but since it would be a fallacy to call myself a Michigan fan and root for MSU, I have to hope for the only other alternative: They both die in flames.

2. I hope the Cowboys win a playoff game.

I'm really tired of people undermining the Cowboys with, "Yeah, but they haven't won a playoff game in 14 or so years." Really, I just want to hear them come up with a better comeback as much as I want the Cowboys to actually win.

1. I hope Michigan beats another ranked opponent.

I really wanted to be greedy here and say that I hope they win the rest of their games, but I'm a realist. I would be totally satisfied with a win over another ranked opponent by the end of the year. The way everyone else in the top 25 is dropping like flies, I think MSU or even Northwestern could come be ranked by the time Michigan gets to them. Fingers crossed.

Hopes That Have Been Crushed

5. The Patriots going a season undefeated and without cheating.

Boy, I had a fun offseason...

4. John Madden removes his head from Brett Favre's ass.

Nope, it's still firmly wedged up there with no sign of it giving way. You would think he would have to come out for air every once in a while, but he's gotten to be quite talented at broadcasting games from in there.

3. USC and OSU kill each other.

I flipped to that game and immediately wanted to throw up. It was really a lose-lose situation for me. It is impossible for both teams to lose, so I went with the next best thing to hope for.

2. The Lions at least achieve .500 like they should have last year.

This one's not even close. I would have better luck asking for the Dallas Cowboys' cheerleaders for Christmas from my grandmother than this one coming true.

1. Michigan comes out and shocks everyone, winning their first four games in a row and making it into the top 25.

I think this one really speaks for itself.

Please, feel free to share what you've wished for this football season. I'll be interested to know.