WWE: Do Returns Ruin All the Current Shows on Television?

Craig Holland-GreenfieldContributor IIMarch 20, 2011

As we have all seen lately a lot of superstars from the past have returned, some good and some bad.

We have embraced a few and wished a few never came back at all. But no matter who they are, are they taking up too much air time?

Since I first watched Wrestling I loved the Rock, Austin, Grand Master Sexay and so on. From the first moment the people’s eyebrow was raised, to the stream of stunners and the grooving his way to the ring, I was entertained through and through.

They’re called legends for a reason, because people love them and always will. Well, maybe not Sexay to everyone, but he’s a legend to me.

Since they started returning more and more time has been taken up on all three shows about them.

Raw keeps showing Michaels talking about HHH and Undertaker, they keep showing promos from The Rock and just go promo crazy with all other superstars of past.

Smackdown and Superstars both go one further by devoting half of their shows to replays from the “legends” on Raw. We get it, they came, let’s move on already and see some wrestling.

Since all these legends have returned we have seen less and less of the current crop of Superstars hoping to make it to the top.

John Morrison, a clear fan favourite, was relegated to Snookie duty this past Raw and got a small glimpse of action. But nothing we’re used to. Morrison is a guy, I imagine, most of the IWC wants to see week in week out just to see what crazy stunts he’ll pull next.

Cody Rhodes is another one. Granted, he’s gotten airtime of his own with his promos, but surely WWE should be pushing a new kind of aggressive wrestling style to suit his persona. With his match against Trent Barretta lasting mere minutes, we were treated to but a glance of the tormented Rhodes.

The Miz will be facing Cena at WrestleMania 27 in a few short weeks, and it seems that Miz has to force himself to get air time to further the feud. In the past four weeks, two of the attacks from Miz came when Cena was busy mouthing off to The Rock. Surely the time would be better spent building it up between the two competing, rather than Superman and the host.

Worst of all is that Smackdown and Superstars show so many replays they have no time for actual wrestling.

Take the aforementioned Rhodes match, it lasted about two minutes. That’s at least 10 less than it should have lasted.

Also, as you all know, two of my favourite Superstars wrestle under the Smackdown brand but on Superstars; Masters and Reks.

Masters was reduced to jobbing to Swagger, who for some strange reason looks like he’s eating a huge burger all the time. Masters has talent, no doubt, and so does Swagger. Albeit by no means is Swagger someone who could believably squash someone like Masters. The match should have gone on for a lot longer, and I believe it would have if they weren’t taking up so much time with replays of legends.

The same goes with Reks, I believe he deserves a place on the main roster and he would get this if so many legends weren’t returning and taking up so much of the spotlight.

Add in that WrestleMania consists of; a former diva who will likely wrestle this one match, a reality TV star with no talent (no, not Miz), a movie star who everyone will be focused on and a female singer no-one even cares about (Justine Bieber), and all we have is a way to detract from the wrestling aspect and more to the entertainment side.

Speaking of WM 27, the main event is supposedly HHH versus Undertaker. The only build up that match has had are a few poor promos mentioning how one superstar will beat the other. If we are to truly get excited about this match we need to see them in action first. And Sheamus jobbing to HHH doesn’t really count.

These past few months I haven’t been all that excited. And we all know it’s down to too many legends and not enough current superstars showing us what they are made of.

Where has the WWE I used to love gone?


Comments very much appreciated, thanks for reading.