UFC 128 Aftermath: Forget Silva vs. St. Pierre, Fans Want Silva vs. Jones

Brandon HinchmanCorrespondent IMarch 20, 2011


As talented as Georges St. Pierre is in the Octagon, he's become the complete opposite of his moniker "Rush" lately by going to decision versus looking for the window to finish the fight. This likely stems from a desire to cling to the legacy he's already made for himself.

This is not to diminish GSP's skills. He has a huge arsenal of technique, powerful takedowns and knowledge to quite possibly become the best pound-for-pound fighter on the planet. That will never happen, though. 

In the Octagon, there is, of course, one other fighter that outshines GSP, and that man is Anderson Silva. He has more consecutive successful title defenses and, more importantly, finishes more fights. Silva is always looking for an opening to capitalize on, and he seems to balance poor performances like that against Chael Sonnen and Demian Maia with shockers like ones against Vitor Belfort.

Silva obviously has a lot to work on with wrestlers, but he's nearing the end of his career and he's cleared out all the competition in the middleweight division (short of a possible Sonnen rematch). Many fans want to see him challenged only by the best.

This is where GSP has been vague. While we know that he's willing to fight anyone, it seems to come with a couple of parameters. For one, GSP wants to take the time to gain the necessary weight. Secondly, he has a lot to lose if Silva beats him.  

Apparently GSP didn't take into consideration that in the first UFCs, there was no such thing as a weight class. Fedor Emelianenko and Cain Velasquez are two fighters that regularly fight with huge guys that have to cut to 265 pounds, and we don't hear them complain about a 20-40 pound difference in weight between them and their opponents.

Then there's Jon Jones. Jones lists Silva as one of his heroes. He says that he might stand a better chance against him than most because he's obsessively studied every one of his fights and knows almost everything about the man. Then there's the statement Jones made, saying he thinks he would stand a good chance at beating him given his size, skillset and intimate understanding of how Silva operates.

Jones has that same unpredictability in his style, and this element showed strong in his fight with Shogun. Shogun didn't know whether to watch out for a takedown, a spinning elbow, a devastating front kick or a jab that likely feels like any average fighter's cross. Shogun was paralyzed by an inability to time, predict or counter Jones' offense.

Jones doesn't worry about finding that window to finish fights. He has the right size, and he wouldn't have to worry about weighing enough to fight Silva. I'm sure if he was asked to do so, he would jump on the opportunity to fight a living legend still at the top of UFC competition.

So what's the problem?

Jones is a new champ. He has what will likely be a tough fight ahead of him, but if he blows through Rashad Evans as many are predicting, should he to be the one to face Silva instead of GSP?

Would you rather have a young fighter with similar features to Silva while being his wrestling inverse? Silva can beat the best of the strikers in the UFC, while Jones has eaten wrestlers of Vladimir Matyushenko and Ryan Bader's caliber for breakfast.

Jones isn't worried about being big enough to face Silva being that the two have comparable weight in between fights, and being so young and having a proven skillset against tough opponents, Jones would likely be more set on defeating Silva than preserving a non-existent legacy.

If GSP happens to get through Jake Shields and still exhibits uncertainty surrounding whether or not he would like to fight Silva, fans will naturally grow more and more curious about what the limits of Jones might be, if he has any with current competition. I say if Silva is offered a fight with Jones, he may actually have a lot more in common with GSP than we ever anticipated. What say you?

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