UFC 128 Results: Jon Jones Pummels Shogun, Kisses Rogan and Talks Rashad Evans

Nick ColonSenior Analyst IMarch 20, 2011

Courtesy of Lasvegassun.com
Courtesy of Lasvegassun.com

"Jon Jones, you lived up to the hype, you surpassed it and you are the new light heavyweight champion of the world."

          -Joe Rogan


This was Rogan's standout statement of the night, as Jon Jones decimated former UFC light heavyweight champ Mauricio "Shogun" Rua via third-round TKO, setting up the much-anticipated, anything-but-friendly bout expected between No. 1 contender Rashad Evans and Jones.

After the win, Jones kissed Rogan on the cheek prior to his postfight interview, showing his excitement in the moment and noting that dreams are possible. Evans then entered the Octagon, commenting on Jones' performance stating he was happy for him, and he now has to go after the title.

"Never say never, right," said Evans when asked by Rogan about his previous comments saying he wouldn't fight Jones. 

Jones was masterful in his three-round shellacking of Rua, displaying the normal, abnormal characteristics journalists like myself have drooled over when speaking about Jones in recent weeks.

Utilizing his takedowns, Jones set up brutalizing strikes while showing shades of Anderson Silva with his front knee kicks to the inside of Shogun's knees. Taking it a step further, Jones also appeared to be gunning multiple times for Rua's chin, reminiscent of Silva's recent win over Vitor Belfort.

His win over Rua will likely stop the criticism Jones has received for his lack of quality opponents, and will, as Jones put it, put the target on his back.

That target will first be challenged by his former training partner at Jackson's Mixed Martial Arts.

Both Evans and Jones appeared to show no emotion when talking to Rogan after the fight, with Jones looking completely stolid when speaking of his future fight with Evans.

"It sucks that we’re going to have to do this, but this is my dream," Jones said.

The fight will likely take place before summer's end, and will be one of the UFC's hottest tickets of the summer.

But for now, Jones can relax, sit back and take it all in because he is the new UFC light heavyweight champion.

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