Look in the Future: 2009 St. Louis Cardinals

Brock PruntyCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2008

Postseason is here and the Cardinals made a move already, re-signing Kyle Lohse for a four year deal at 41 million dollars. It looks like Lohse will be the number two or number three starter depending on the status of Chris Carpenter. 

The 2009 free agent market looks to have some big names in key spots the Cardinals are looking for. I predict that the Cardinals will trade Adam Kennedy. So if this does happen, the top name that will be out there among second baseman is Orlando Hudson.

The Cardinals signing the O-Dog would be big. Although he is coming off a wrist injury, any team will ask for his services with his stellar defense and an average bat. I don't see the D-Backs re-signing Hudson because of the trade for David Eckstein.

With the Cesar Izturis experiment going terribly wrong, the Cards do need a shortstop. Names that will be out there are Rafael Furcal, Orlando Cabrera and maybe Edgar Renteria.

Furcal I could see the Cardinals fighting for, but in the end he'll be worth way too much then the Cards would like to pay plus he is only 31. He has great speed and bat but not to mention GREAT defense.

Orlando Cabrera has less speed then Furcal, an okay bat and again great defense, also could come cheaper at his age of 33. For Edgar Renteria you'll have to read my article him posted a couple months ago.

The Cardinals look like they could use one more starter. I would like to see the Cardinals go after Jon Garland. I looked at the free agent starting pitchers and his name popped out to me.

Other names that popped out was of course C.C. Sabathia but he'll be too expensive. Ben Sheets, but he is injury prone and the Cardinals can't take that chance. Ryan Dempster would be a good pick up but I see the Cubs not letting go of him because of his home record this season.

But back to Garland, he's won 100 games in his career and won 14 games this year. He's not a strikeout pitcher, but will give you solid innings as he pitched 196.2 innings although he has a 4.96 ERA.

Now for the bullpen. It was a tough year for them but the name the Cardinals will have to fight for is Brian Fuentes. I can't see Colorado asking him to come back because of Manny Corpas, so the Cardinals could have their work cut out for them.

Face it, Cardinals need one more lefty and rumor has it, Ron Villone wants to stay in St. Louis. So I am saying, the Cardinals will sign Fuentes. Fuentes is the top lefty on the market and the Cardinals were fighting for Fuentes in the last month of the season.

So here's the lineup:

C- Yadier Molina

1B- Albert Pujols

2B- Orlando Hudson/Felipe Lopez/Aaron Miles

SS- Felipe Lopez/Rafael Furcal, Orlando Cabrera,Edgar Renteria (they might not sign with the signing of Hudson and vice versa)/Aaron Miles

3B- Troy Glaus

OF- Ryan Ludwick, Rick Ankiel, Skip Shumaker

Bench- Jason LaRue, Brian Barton, Aaron Miles (maybe), Felipe Lopez (maybe), Brendan Ryan, Joe Mather

Starting Pitchers: Chris Carpenter (maybe), Adam Wainwright, Kyle Lohse, Joel Pinero, Jon Garland. Spot Starter would be Todd Wellemeyer

Bullpen: Josh Kinney, Kyle McClellan, Brad Thompson, Russ Springer, Todd Wellemeyer, Ron Villone, Brian Fuentes, Chris Perez