Kicking The Foot Out of Football

ZipCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2008

Defense may win games, but offense wins fans.  In order to get football back on track it is time to kick the foot out of football and leave the fancy footwork to the Europeans.  I propose a few changes that would make the NFL a whole lot more exciting. 

Here are my ideas:

  1. No more field goals.  A game should not be decided from the 30-yard line.  Victory should be decisive and that can only happen with a touchdown.
  2. No more extra points.  The only time you see an extra point on replay is if it was botched.  Enough of that.  Wouldn’t you like to see more teams go for the two-point conversion?  I know I would.
  3. No more punting.  I love it when teams go for it on 4th down.  They should do it more—as in all the time.  Punting is weak, and weakness has no place in the NFL.
  4. Each team must attempt one trick play per half.  Sportscenter’s Top 10 loves trick plays, and so do I.  Force the coaches to get their creative juices flowing. 
  5. Stop fining players for showboating.  This isn’t golf—it’s football.  If a player makes an impressive play, then let him strut his stuff.
  6. Follow the college football rules for overtime. The ball starts on the 25-yard line.  Once the offensive team scores or the defensive team gains possession the defensive team gets their opportunity to score. If both teams score, then a new overtime starts.  Beginning with the 3rd OT period, each team must attempt a two-point conversion following a touchdown.  In the NFL, overtime is decided in sudden death.  The first team to score is the team that wins.  Generally the team that wins the coin toss is in the best position to win—all they have to do is get into field goal position.  Boring.  Thankfully, I’ve already ended the use of the field goal so no more of that snooze fest.       

Football is a great sport but it could be better.  My changes would enhance the chances of greatness.  I’m sick of watching time out after time out to stall the field goal kicker, or watching a team punt the ball on 4th and one.  Stop being so lame.  This is American football not European—so let’s get back to scoring touchdowns.