The Great, The good, and The other guys. Brewers pitching issue in playoffs!

Dr. Brett SchmitzCorrespondent IOctober 1, 2008

Here is a breakdown of the Brewers Pitching Staff.


The Great.

CC Sabathia (1.65 ERA) has been unstoppable.  In fact the only thing that has slowed CC down this year has been when the Brewers were batting with Icecycles.  If he is pitching and Mike Cameron and Rickie Weeks don't strike out more than 3 time each they are a lock to win.  He is a monstar.  He is a powerhouse.  He can pitch on three days rest.  I wouldn't be surprised if the Brewers play him every game and have him pitch 5 innings each game because he is capable of it. 

Ben Sheets (3.09 ERA) is hurt with a torn muscle close to his elbow...big surprise Ben. When have you had a season without being hurt...wait never.  Go bite your fingernails Ben cause you should be nervous about being a free agent that gets hurt every year.

The Good.

Yovani Gallardo (1.88) is back.  He looks good on the mound.  He is throwing strikes. He is being smart with the baseball, but he.......has only pitched one game in the past 6 months.  Kind of scary going into the playoffs for the Brewers.  People don't realize though how good this guy is but if you are a Brewer fan and were watching the game where he made his comeback you remember Bill Shroeder talking about how everyone on the Brewers coaching staff is extremely confident in Gallardo and the progress he has made.  This is extremely evident since they are giving him the game ball for the first Playoff game in Brewers history since I was born in good old 82!  Expect Yovani to pitch well in the playoffs.  Historically the Brewers give him good run support so expect Braun to have a huge game in the opener against the Phillies.

The other guys

Jeff Suppan (4.96 ERA(SCARY)).  All of the sports media  predicted the Brewers would not make the playoffs based on the fact that they didn't have any pitching other than the Monstar.  Wait don't we have the world series MVP of just two years ago as a starting pitcher? Well Jeff we paid you a lot of money after you were the World Series MVP and in the two or three years that you have been here you really have not done much but give up home runs in the fourth inning.  So.  I suggest that you get back to your playoff form ASAP.  The Brewers desperately need Suppan to pitch well in Ben Sheets absence.  If Jeff can figure out how to not throw fastballs down the middle of the plate to homerun hitters the Brewers have a shot to make it to the big show where Suppan can hopefully return to MVP form so someone else can pay him even more money next year.

The other other guys.

Manny Parra (4.39 ERA) used to be an extremely effective starter.  In fact he went a whole month without a loss this year.  What people sometimes fail to realize is that when he was getting those wins the Brewers were hitting the baseball like a red headed step child.  Parra had a couple of bad outings and lost his starting spot and now has it back due to injuries.  If the Brewers return to their dominant beating form look for Parra to get a start and possibly a win.....if CC ever lets go of the baseball. 

Seth McClung (4.02 ERA) is really the guy that can make a difference.  The only thing that Yost did right with the bullpen this year was promote Seth McClung to starting pitcher on a platoon with Dave Bush.  Seth did extremely well in his starts and won a couple of games and then for no reason Yost put him back in the bullpen where he continues to be dominant, but not as good as when he was a starter.  Seth throws extremely hard and can be a major factor in either the starters role or a mid inning reliever. 

Dave Bush...(4.18 ERA)  Let's just not give him the ball.


Brian Shouse (2.81 ERA) is one of the best late innings pitcher that we have.  This southpaw sidewinder is nearly unhittable against lefties and rarely allows runs to score.  Look for the Brewers to use Shouse a lot in innings 6 through 7 throughout the playoffs. 

Eric Gagne (5.44 ERA) has a rough run in Milwaukee.  First he sucked and blew save after save.  Then he took himself out of the closers role because Yost couldn't pull the trigger.  Then he somehow snuck back into the closers role only to get hurt shortly after.  Then he came back and has tried to close a couple of games with no success, but now has settled into a stretch of nice scoreless innings as the setup man for Torres.  Look for Gagne in the 8th often.  If Eric can keep his greasy mop out of his fogged up glasses and pitch some scoreless eigth innings he might redeem himself for his worst season of his career.  Also if the Brewers have a huge lead don't be suprised to see him close in the ninth.  Just not a save situation because he will blow it. He will also share this spot with Guiermo Mota (4.11 ERA) who has done a nice job as the other eigth inning specialist.

Carlos Villanueva (4.07 ERA) can be very clutch.  He will give you a fifth or sixth or seventh or all three inning performance that you can be proud of.  Carlos was a starter last year and now has done a nice job for coming in and getting the Brewers over the hump innings when Sheets or Suppan or Parra or Bush would have a mental collapse and be out by the fourth inning.  Look for Carlos to pitch some critical mid innings and pitch them well.  Put him on your fantasy team...haha.

Look for the Brewers to turn to Mitch Stetter (3.20 ERA) if a string of lefties come up to bat in the mid innings too.  He is only one of two lefties the Brewers have so look for him to come in and pitch in a tight lefty batting situation....don't look for him to do well just look for him....maybe look out for him, he needs it.


Salamon Torres (3.49 ERA) is the closer.  He was lights out earlier this year, but lately has struggled slightly possibly due to overuse.  He four days rest now and should be ready to go and return to form.  The newly acquired Todd Coffey (4.39 ERA) is there in case Torres should get in trouble.  Coffey has done a nice job in the handful of games he has appeared in for the Brewers and has my confidence.


If our starters can step up their game our bullpen is more than capable to take them the rest of the way.  Personally I think CC should pitch 5 innings every game and have our relievers and closers take it the rest of the way the entire playoffs, but I don't think that is going to happen.  Suppan, Parra, and Bush need to step up their game and just pitch good, CC will do what he does and Ben Sheets will bite his fingers on the bench.  That's my review of the Brewers pitching staff going into the playoffs.  Any questions. Just ask.



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