UFC 128 Fight Card: Has the Mindset of Jon Jones Really Changed Since UFC 100?

Brian Oswald@@briancoswaldMMA Editor March 19, 2011

UFC 128 Fight Card: Has the Mindset of Jon Jones Really Changed Since UFC 100?

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    People have been tramp stamping Jon Jones with a lot of verbal tattoos leading up to his UFC 128 title fight with Shogun Rua: cocky, disrespectful… asking where the more humble side of Jon Jones is that we are all more accustomed to.

    But when “Bones” breaks off into talking about how he is signing autographs as light heavyweight champ in 2011, is that really him being cocky, or is just the way his visualizes his future in order to manifest his reality?

    Before UFC 100, and his fight with Jake O’Brien, I had the chance to talk to Jones at length about a myriad of things.

    Let’s take a look at some of the quotes he laid on me almost two years ago.

From the Fighter That Learned a Lot of His Style from YouTube

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    Jones realizes that the light heavyweight division is one of most stacked in the organization. When talk turned to what would allow him to stand apart, the young man who learned a great deal of his fight style from watching YouTube videos had a specific answer.

    "My ability to rapidly absorb new information and add new tools to my arsenal will effectively set me apart. A lot of guys who have been in the UFC who have been around for years have their set game plan and strategies. I don’t really have a game plan or strategy yet."

    "I don’t have a set way of fighting. I am learning how to fight in the UFC which is insane. This is the biggest stage in the world and I am still learning how to fight and practicing on world class athletes in the process."

    "That has helped me out so much. I want to be thrown into deep waters every fight. I’m a freak about taking in new techniques, remembering old ones and combining it all together. I am fresh in this sport. I have a fresh head, a fresh chin and a fresh body. I am just ready to go out there and abuse some people."

    "I am growing every day, like wildfire. I have no clue how much better I’ve gotten until I go out there and pull the trigger again. I am on that exponential learning curve right now so with each fight, I will just get better and better. I am looking forward to going out there and showing it."


    Jones went on to explain about his personal YouTube phenomenon.

    "When I first started out I didn’t have the best coaching staff so I took things into my own hands. I had to find techniques that worked so that is where the YouTube videos came in. I started out by watching K-1 videos to see how they kicked, all the angles, and went from there.

    "It is a good idea for young fighters to go beyond the things they can learn in the gym. Do your own research. I was taught by some of the best guys in the world. I really sat up and took notice and it paid off. It’s a new era with the Internet, so why not take advantage?"

Remember When People Tripped Over Jones Saying He Could Beat Then-Champ Machida

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    Jones' uninhibited confidence recently extended to him making statements about current light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida which left many asking, "Who does Jon Jones think he is?" For Jones, all the uproar left him slightly confused.

    "I was a bit disappointed in how people perceived my comments. I don’t get online much to read negative stuff but one of my buddies called me and said there were a lot of people commenting about the Machida thing."

    "The bottom line is I am a fighter. If you ask me a question about another fighter I am going to respect the other guy but I am not going to sit there and stroke anyone’s ego. I am not going to talk about how great Machida is, how he has started his own era, or say he can’t be beat."

    "How are you going to ask me about some other fighter and expect me to back down?"

    "I am going to tell you that I can beat this guy; that I know I can beat this guy. If you ask me the same question about Fedor, I have to say that I am going to beat the guy. That’s just the way it has to be. It doesn’t mean I think I am the greatest fighter alive."

    "A fighter needs ultimate confidence. If you want to win you have to believe at your core that you can win at all times. Even if the fight doesn’t happen for two or three years maintaining complete confidence is the key. You have to know with all your heart. The saying, ‘In order to achieve you must believe’ is something I take seriously. The body achieves what the mind believes."

Jones Sees Himself as Modern Day Warrior, Visualizes a Belt Around His Waist

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    Jones doesn’t want his confidence to come across as cockiness. What he does want is for fans of MMA to know just how seriously he takes his mixed martial arts.

    "I’m not trying to be cocky and speak ahead of myself. Obviously I am not saying I can beat Machida right now but when the UFC gives me a fight like that, I am going to be at that level, and I am going to believe 100% that I am going to kick his butt."

    "This is just more then just a sport for me. I think of myself as a modern day warrior. When I step in that gym I am extremely serious everyday. I am teaching myself how to think like a martial artist and truly live the life of a martial artist."


    When asked what Jones saw in his future the picture of success was crystal clear in his mind.

    "I think of it as destiny for the most part. I visualize myself with a belt around my waist. You have to set your intentions and make it a reality. You have to think positive all the times, not just some of the time. Paint a very specific picture of what success looks like your mind. You create your own success. It is what the most successful people in the world do to achieve unlimited abundance."

UFC 128 Fight Card: "Shogun" Rua Vs. "Bones" Jones …How It Will Go Down?

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    Looks like Jones has done a pretty good job with the whole "creating your own success" thing. Anyone still hating? Wanna call Jones cocky or disrespectful?

    His intentions have now become a reality and at UFC 128, Jon Jones will have the opportunity to realize unlimited abundance in the form of the UFC light heavyweight belt... and all that stands in his way is perhaps the greatest 205-pound fighter of all time.


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