Spice Up Formula 1 Friday Practice With $1million Jackpot

Ryan WoodAnalyst IOctober 1, 2008

If any of you have been to a Friday practice session you'll know its a bit boring. The cars run three laps to see if the set-up is good, they then leave the track and make a few changes. Then the process starts again. This is the same for all 10 teams.

So, how do you spice things up for the crowd? Why not introduce a $1 million (£580,000) jackpot for the driver who does the fastest lap in a short shoot-out after the practice.

Well this is one of the idea's thought up by the F1 teams at a recent meeting. With current Friday practice sessions lasting two and a half hours, fans who turn up to the track to watch the cars are finding it a little boring. 

The main idea proposed is to introduce a shoot-out session in which a driver can win $1,000,000 if they post the quickest lap. I personally find this ludicrous.

Do the drivers need more money? Will the richer ones just not bother and let the lower paid drivers shoot it out? What if they crash on Friday, and can't race on Sunday, would they take this risk? How about donating the money to charity? What about a jackpot for a lucky fan?

This isn't the only idea proposed by the teams. They have also thought about cutting it down to 45 minutes in the hope teams will use the time for more testing rather than tweaking, or introduce a different tyre compound, an ultra soft or hard which they all have to run, and then see who sets the fastest lap.

Is this is all an idea to boost ratings and attendance? Do you think it would work?

Another idea could be to give each driver an identical car to race round the track, and have a mini-race. The car's could change at each race, from a mini to a high performance track car such as an Aerial Atom. Do you prefer this idea?

The teams will meet again and have a creative session between China and Brazil.

I want to hear your ideas to make F1 Friday practice sessions more exciting for the attending fans, lets see if you can do better than the teams...

**Update - 02/10/08**

Here are a few of your ideas so far...

Share the Jackpot amongst the team, this will motivate them more, whilst providing them with an extra $1,000 each.

Reduce the costs of Friday practice session tickets. Silverstone currently charges £49 for the Friday alone.

Points/Money for the most improved car over the practice session. Therefore allowing lower placed teams to compete.

Award teams with fuel credits, depending on how many laps are completed. This would mean spectators see more of the cars, and teams can adapt their race strategy after qualifying.

Hold a mini-sprint using their current F1 car, which would actually award points instead of money, and effect the championship outcome. 

Keep those ideas coming!