No Mercy Predictions

Brian IgnacioContributor IOctober 1, 2008

Rey Mysterio vs. Kane

I saw this gimmick match from the day Kane pulled Rey's mask out of the bag. I knew this would end up in a "remove your mask" angle. Now, do I see Rey losing his mask this Sunday? I hope so, but seeing as Kane has been dominant these past couple of weeks, it is more likely that the underdog will triumph once again.But seeing as this is the WWE, anything is possible.

Prediction: Kane wins, because of interference by Evan Bourne accidentally costing Rey his match.

Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry

Like I see Matt Hardy losing to Mark Henry here. It was great to see Mark Henry win a major title ( If you consider the ECW title major ), but there was a reason for his short reign. Lack of charisma. I don't care if you can bend steel that's not going to sell out arenas.

Prediction: Matt Hardy wins with twist of fate

Batista vs. JBL

I have no love for this match whatsoever. Batista is clearly in line for a title shot. JBL just doesn't have it anymore. The guy is overweight and should just stick with his politics, and his mamajuwana.

Prediction: Batista wins cleanly with the Batista bomb

Beth Phoenix vs. Candice Michelle

This has been a match in the making ever since Beth Phoenix injured Candice last year, but the booking of this match wasn't so good. It has no hype. They are trying to tease you that Beth Phoenix is a stoppable force, rather than unstoppable with her recent loss to Kelly Kelly, but that is not the case for this match. Unless Santino Marella decides to screw Beth Phoenix this Sunday, I don't see the Glamazon losing her title.

Prediction: Beth Phoenix wins with or without Santino in her corner.

Big Show vs. The Undertaker

This is another match that I don't like. This will just end up being a "slobberknocker." Who wrote this storyline, Freddy Prinze, Jr.? It would have been better if Vicky gave Vladamir Kozlov the opportunity to destroy Undertaker, that would have been a better match in my Opinion instead of him interfering in HHH, and Jeff Hardy Matches ( you know where that is going ). This will be a slow and messy match.

Prediction:  No contest

HHH vs. Jeff Hardy

Will this be the time Jeff Hardy finally grabs the title?! Unfortunately not. You know why? Freaken Vladamir Kozlov will interfere in this match, and end it prematurely. The writers shouldn't have put Vladamir in the middle of this, seeing as the fans are really into seeing Jeff Hardy winning the big one. Jeff Hardy will be out of the title hunt after this match, because WWE would rather see HHH defend his title against Vladamir at Survivor Series!

Prediction: Jeff Hardy wins via DQ due to Vladamir's interference.

HBK vs Y2J

Now this is the match I'm most excited about, because this will mark the finale of their long and running feud. When these two perform together, they give it their all. Now put in a ladder in the mix, and you got yourself a potential match of the year, if not in history. I see Shawn Michaels reinventing the ladder match, taking it where no man has taken this match before. Look for "OMG" and "Holy sh*t" chants throughout this match.

Prediction: Y2J retains title

After this feud is over, look for HBK to do a mini feud with Lance Cade, and a possible match at Survivor Series.