Why Is Everybody Picking on Urban Meyer?

Michael OleszekAnalyst IOctober 1, 2008

In the short time between the end of the Florida-Ole Miss game and the time I started writing this article, there has been an ever-growing sound of negativity rising from the Gator Nation.

Aside from the negativity being hurled at the players and easy target Dan Mullen, there has been a growing rumble concerning head coach Urban Meyer—and not in the "classless dirtbag" type of way either.

It has been pointed out by many Gator fans and non-Gators that in the last 13 games, Florida has a record of 8-5.

Wow. At most schools, 8-5 is a decent season. Not at Florida, or Oklahoma, USC, LSU, Texas, or a host of other top level schools. Especially not at Florida. Ron Zook went 8-5 twice and then got fired for going 7-4 the next season.

The bar has been raised so high at the top level schools that one loss isn't even tolerable, let alone acceptable.

Remember, this is the fanbase that put up fireronzook.com the day he was hired and now has this one.

Now that Urban Meyer has an 8-5 record in his last 13 games as a coach, the man with an SEC Championship, a National Championship, and an undefeated season at Utah under his belt can apparently no longer coach football.  

He's only 34-9 in his first 43 games as the Gators head coach, which is the exact same record Steve Spurrier had in his first 43 games in Gainesville.

Give me a break, Gator fans. Are we all that delusional?

Most of us are not, but the ones who put up the "fire _____" websites and leave at halftime when things aren't going well sure as hell are.

I am standing in support of Urban Meyer.

So should you.