WWE: The Rock Confirms When He Will Appear Live on Raw Before WrestleMania

Luke AdamsonCorrespondent IIMarch 18, 2011

Copyright WWE
Copyright WWE

Just over a week ago, I posted an article with news on The Rock appearing on Raw the night after WrestleMania 27. However, on Raw, The Rock teased an appearance before WrestleMania, without disclosing specific details.

The Rock has now given us the date of his appearance via his Facebook page:

"Get ready CHICAGO...The Rock is Bringin' It and we're "Puttin' Our Boots to Candy Asses" LIVE on RAW and ELECTRIFYING THE WORLD...3/28/11"

This is fantastic news for WWE, because it creates more publicity just six days before the "showcase of the immortals".

It also means that The Rock will be appearing live on Raw two weeks in a row, which will of course create a major spike in the ratings and will create much-needed hype for WWE in this critical period.

With his recent verbal feud with John Cena, we can only assume that The Rock is coming to confront Cena face-to-face on Raw before WrestleMania.

Also, with The Miz openly mocking The Rock on Raw two weeks running, we are sure to see some friction between the two in some shape or form in the build-up to WrestleMania just six days later.

The clear thing to note here is that WWE clearly has plans for something massive at WrestleMania, but I am guessing that the appearance on Raw will be a prelude to the major league confrontation that is sure to happen at WrestleMania between Rock and Cena.

Hopefully, it will not end in them shaking hands, the very thought of which makes me shudder as a wrestling fan.

The fact that Rock is appearing after WrestleMania makes these speculations stronger, because it seems to suggest that The Rock will be addressing the aftershock of WrestleMania and his actions at the event.

The last Raw before WrestleMania is sure to be a monumental show that will persuade many people to spend at the last minute on WrestleMania, so it is clever marketing by the WWE.

WWE has bought back many old names to hype WrestleMania this year, and is clearly determined to dispel rumours that WrestleMania has lost its spark.

We have seen the returns of The Rock, Steve Austin, Booker T, Trish Stratus, Undertaker  and Triple H among celebrity stars such as Snooki. I know how excited we all are that Snooki is wrestling at the granddaddy of them all.

Could we see the return of The People's Elbow, The Rock Bottom, or will The Great One simply run his mouth on both their candy asses?

Either way, the road to WrestleMania just got a little bumpier.