WWE: Is Zack Ryder the IWC's Newest Golden Boy?

Bryan FloryAnalyst IMarch 18, 2011

Last Monday's Raw had a monumental moment for the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC). No, it wasn't the return of JR or the Miz doing his best Rock impression or even when WWE Legend Snooki (sarcasm my friends) got in the ring.

It was the return of Long Island Iced Z, Zack Ryder, to Monday nights.

For those of you who don't know who Zack Ryder is, or why you should care, watch the YouTube video on the side, and you will know soon enough.

This was the perfect opportunity to give Ryder exposure, given his Jersey Shore persona, and I am proud that the WWE finally took a step in the right direction to giving the Ultimate Broski more face time.

Ryder has the charisma that nearly 90% of the roster lacks. He is funny, has the look, and has good in ring skills.

Possibly, most importantly, he has gained the respect of us, the IWC, and the guys in the locker room (nearly every WWE superstar has tweeted about his videos.)

Given all of this, why hasn't Zack Ryder gained any respect when it comes to on air time?

I think that lies in the fact that given the current road to WrestleMania, the WWE, and on Raw in particular, has had to focus heavily on the main storylines to generate PPV buys. With the biggest event of the year coming up, they don't want to risk not giving enough attention to Triple H/Undertaker or the Miz/Cena. You even see the bleed over from Smackdown with Del Rio/Edge.

With Superstars being canceled, there has been some fear surfacing that Ryder may be future endeavored. I don't see that as the case, if the WWE realizes what they have here. Hopefully, following WrestleMania, he will be given a push to the midcard, or at least to having occasional matches on Raw.