Creature Vs. Creature: Here Are the Electrifying Contestants

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Creature Vs. Creature: Here Are the Electrifying Contestants

This edition has some electrifying participants who will amaze you all with their skills as writers, as they pursue the journey to prove that their WrestleMania choice is the Greatest to ever be seen!

I made a sight change to where each writer will write about their respective WrestleMania on a standard article, as it'll make things more fair in judging who is more persuasive in their arguments. The standard article format is the controlled element, as the contents may be unique from writer to write. One might focus on the historical aspect, while another might focus on the matches.

Now, the Creature vs. Creature articles must be submitted before the deadline of  March 26, 2011 (Saturday) at 11:59 EST. That's a little over one week to submit the work of art that is your CvC articles!

Now it's time to introduce the participants for this epic Creature vs. Creature:

Kevin Stonebarger—Wrestlemania 22

Rize—WrestleMania 17

Chris Freeman—WrestleMania 19

Chinmay—WrestleMania 21

Hamster Fan—WrestleMania 23

Muzzy Daud—WrestleMania 26

Ian Malone—WrestleMania 24

Dan Power—WrestleMania 4

Double A—WrestleMania 1

As you can see, these are all talented writers, and any of them could be victorious in this competition!


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