The Worst People in Sports Today

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The Worst People in Sports Today

Donald Sterling has a lot of baggage; he's called out his own players. He's been accused of sexual harassment from young women he has employed. Los Angeles Clippers GM Elgin Baylor even called him a racist.

We can now add cold-hearted to the list.

In 2004 Clippers assistant coach Kim Hughes was diagnosed with cancer. He needed surgery, and tried scheduling it ASAP so he wouldn't have to miss Clippers training camp. Unfortunately, Hughes' insurance wouldn't pay for the operation. Neither would the Clippers.

Hughes said the Clippers told him back in 04 that " If they paid for mine, the onus would be on them for everybody else."


The notoriously cheap owner couldn't have sunken any lower. In the end, Clipper players on that squad picked up the tab. To date, Sterling nor the Clippers have released a comment regarding Hughes.

Maybe there is a reason guys like LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony and a plethora of other free-agent stars refuse to give the Clippers any serious consideration: They don't want to be play for that heartless scumbag.

Or pay for medical bills.

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