" My Psychic Belief"- With Matt Sundin.

Mitch. Mitchell.Correspondent IOctober 1, 2008

Although quite some time ago I wrote a Article saying-enough was enough,with the "Sundin Saga" and it was not funny anymore-but I just had to get this out there.

I will tell you how wraped-up I am with the new Leafs and a dream I had.

But first-I had the opportunity many years ago to visit a N.H L.dressing room with all the guys getting dressed-just before the coach was to speak,in any case I was asked.. to leave when the coach took the floor.

The feeling I had in that room was something else-young guys looking up to the older players,just as if they worshiped them,..the leaders,no doubt.

Just relax-I will get to the dream.

My wife has told me many times how she thought I was Psychic, when so many things happen,that I dream about,or think about,or something has flashed across my mind,in so many cases-it becomes a reality

Here we go:Two nights ago all the young guys on the Leafs new team were sitting in the dressing room after a practice,looking at each other,sort of thinking-would it ever be nice if we had the "Big Swede" back,just one more time.

The leadership would be just fantastic they were saying"a player with so much talent-as 'Big Matt',the guy we all grew to love,if only he would give it one more shot,.just to lead us".

Yes folks, it was only a dream,but I can tell you one thing,.if 'Matt Sundin' would return for that one more time-it would be the difference in making eighth place and a play-off spot.

"Matt Sundin"-you owe it to yourself,as well as the young players that idolize you,.as well as the fans in Toronto. 

This young team needs your leadership Matt,give it one more, for "The Gypper".

Now we will see if my wife may be right.