WWE Promo War with The Rock: Did the Miz Capitalize Where John Cena Failed?

Jonathan ClarkContributor IIIMarch 17, 2011

How long’s it been? I’ve been away from the writing scene, but I’m back and finally ready to continue and I'd like to start with The Miz and John Cena.

In what has truly turned into a three-way promo war between The Rock, John Cena and The Miz, it’s become clear that Cena is the weakest of the group.

A few weeks ago when Cena returned to his Thuganomics gimmick, he actually cut a great promo that probably had a lot of people thinking that we were going to see a great verbal battle. But after Cena’s uninspiring “knockout blow” response, as well as his terrible “doctors note” promo on The Miz, it seems that The Miz has actually been a better verbal opponent, which has come as sort of a surprise to many fans.

Not to me.

When The Rock first mentioned The Miz’s name, I got excited. Miz has openly said how he was a fan of The Rock and loved the attitude era and I knew that being the attention craver that he is (not a bad thing in his case), he would cut a promo towards The Rock at some point—which he did, and so much more.

Hate him or love him, Miz has stepped his game up. For a guy who couldn’t memorize his lines as an announcer/host (Diva’s Search), he’s delivering top notch promos worthy of being on par with the best in the WWE right now, which outside of The Rock, would really only be CM Punk.

That alone shows how hard the guy has worked, going from being flat-out terrible to being one of the best mic workers today. This is awesome for him and the WWE because it shows that their possible next top guy is really working hard for them in as many areas as he can. This also shows that The Rock has had a great impact on The Miz—which is also a problem for Cena.

Lots of people claim that The Rock is proving Cena right in only delivering promos via satellite. People aren’t realizing that The Rock would totally make all those promos in person, but the WWE doesn’t want or need him there and quite frankly why would they? They want the buildup and surprise factor to stay intact.

Nevertheless, he’s doing such good promos via satellite that it’s actually getting downright embarrassing for Cena. If you’re going to deliver a promo about someone who isn't showing, put some good effort in, really take it to him—don’t just use the fact that he’s not showing up as your best joke.

The Rock has delivered a different feel to his promos each time, while Cena has delivered nearly identical promos. He talked about The Rock not showing up and made fun of his movies and that was it. What’s worse is that he has absolutely nothing on The Rock besides those points, since nearly every movie The Rock has been in has made extreme amounts of cash.

I love John Cena, he’s a class act and a great person, but why can’t he step it up a little? People claim that The Rock is stealing the spotlight—well if so, why does the locker room like him being there? More so, how is it that The Miz has been the only one to see this as an opportunity? The guy has really upped his credibility as an entertainer, something that I don’t think would have occurred if The Rock hadn’t been involved. Couldn’t Cena do the same? It’s not like he’s going to step on any toes by getting a little edgier.

If anything, his demographic will love him move for it and people who like him but want to see a change—like me—would welcome it. That’s what I hoped The Rock’s appearance would do, but instead, Cena has systematically gotten worse. I’m at the point where I truly believe Cena and the WWE creative team have not capitalized on an opportunity to expand his ability to entertain.  

Now, we still have a little time until WrestleMania and The Rock claimed he will see both guys on Raw, which if I had to guess would make the most sense at the next Raw, so that at the following on explanations could be given.

My only hope is that Cena changes it up somewhat within the next few weeks allowing us to see a new character—we all need the breath of fresh air.