Fishing: Helpful Information About Striper Fishing in New York

Jess KContributor IIIMarch 16, 2011

Stripers, otherwise known as striped bass, can be fished in both salt and freshwater locations. Usually, the best place to begin fishing for this species of fish will be near any kind of significant wreckage or large rocks in the vicinity as they tend to linger around structure in order to catch potential prey by surprise.

In the state of New York, you will likely find plenty of stripers when fishing the tidal areas near Long Island such as Montauk Point as well as the Hudson River. Montauk happens to be regarded as one of the best surf fishing places in all of America. Each year, hundreds of anglers flock to the area in order to take advantage of the spring migration of the species. Most of these anglers are highly experienced fishermen who are looking for that one trophy bass of a lifetime. In fact, striper fishing is extremely important to the economy of this area, something that most locals likely do not even know.

The sound of Long Island separates the ideal fishing opportunities Connecticut and New York all across the entire area that until the Western part of the Sound meets with the Hudson River. This river is actually one three prime spawning locations for the stripers that make their way here during the months of May and April.

Spawning generally takes place as soon as the temperature of the water in the region reaches around 60 degrees. The smaller males first arrive here in the river prior to the females who will arrive in groups shortly after. Spawning will then occur in the river during the months of May and the beginning part of the month of June.

Stripers will typically lay their eggs rather close to the water’s surface in deeper water where there exists some current or movement. The buoyancy of these eggs will allow for them to drift along with the current until they hatch an average of four days or so later.

By the time summer rolls around, the young stripers will find their way towards the shallower waters of the Tappan Zee and Haverstraw Bay. As soon as fall begins, these same bass will then start to leave the nursery in pursuit of the coastal regions and shore areas. As soon as the adult stripers have completed their spawning process, they will immediately leave the vicinity in order to meet back up with the bass that are traveling along the migration path of the Atlantic Coast.

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