Tiger Woods: 7 Things He Gets in Trouble for That Average Duffers Do Regularly

Erik PaulCorrespondent IMarch 18, 2011

Tiger Woods: 7 Things He Gets in Trouble for That Average Duffers Do Regularly

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    The legend of Tiger Woods could be told as a classic superhero story. Tiger would be the hero for a long time; a guy who says and does all the right things and is almost unbeatable.

    Now, the world has discovered his cocktail waitress Kryptonite; he has lost his powers and become the villain.

    He's hated by millions and gets crucified for every little thing he does wrong.

    Is he really that bad, though? Tiger doesn't do too much that's out of the ordinary for amateur golfers, but the spotlight gets him in trouble for all kinds of things that most people shouldn't care about.

Hitting Bad Shots

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    Tiger Woods has been so dominant for so long that it's like he isn't allowed to hit a bad shot anymore.

    Well, after hitting a 122-yard drive at Doral last weekend, maybe those of us who have duffed our way around the course should cut him a bit of slack.

Gets Angry About Noise/Camera Flashes During Shots

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    So Tiger gets mad at photographers and spectators who make noise or take pictures with the flash on during his swing—what's wrong with that?

    It's common courtesy to shut up and stay still when someone is hitting.


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    Tiger recently got fined for spitting on the green at the Dubai Dessert Classic. It was bad because it was on the green, but he got into some trouble for spitting elsewhere on the course as well.

    Most golfers spit on the course from time to time, and it's not like he was spitting tobacco juice like some baseball players.

Choking Away a Lead

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    Once thought to be impossible, Tiger has blown fourth-round leads a couple of times recently, including to Y.E. Yang in the PGA Championship.

    Have you never been up a few strokes only to fall apart down the stretch in a friendly wager?

Inconsistent Play

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    Tiger has had a few great rounds recently, including a 66 on Sunday at Doral, but it's not enough for most people.

    Everyone is so disappointed in him every time he has a poor round, but it's hard to play your best every round.

    I've shot in the 70s one day and the 90s the next: inconsistency happens.

Throwing Clubs

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    Harry How/Getty Images

    While Tiger's never gone all Happy Gilmore on the putter throw, he gives his clubs the odd toss after a poor shot.

    I know, I've done it and most golfers I know would admit the same.

Dropping an F–Bomb

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    Ryan Pierse/Getty Images

    It doesn't get caught on camera often, but after a bad shot, Tiger occasionally drops an F–bomb.

    Personally, I've never played with anyone who hasn't let loose some curses at least once in a while.