Dolphins will be charging into Dolphins Stadium with a newly acquired swagger.

John WallaceContributor ISeptember 30, 2008

There is a buzz going on around the NFL these days and it has nothing to do with the Patriots or Cowboys but it has everything to do with a former 1-15 NFL team beating a Super bowl caliber opponent with the equivalent of a high school playbook. That's exactly what Tony Sparano and his new look Miami Dolphins accomplished week 3 in Foxboro, snapping New England's  prestigious streak of 21 wins. This Sunday they will be facing another tall order in Phillip Rivers and that high flying act from San Diego called the Chargers. This week the atmosphere in camp has been a very positive one, it seems everyone has bought into Coach Sparano's new system and can't wait to hit the field and show the football world more of Coach Lee's Wildcat offense. Hearing from the players and coaches , there is no secret that they want to make this a signature of their revitalized offense. Maybe this week you might see Ted Ginn Jr. throwing a touchdown pass to his single caller Chad Pennington. Tony Sparano knows that teams will now have to prepare for more, saying that you could see it again with a wrinkle or two. This has to give the Dolphins offense an advantage, one they have never had  since the Marino and the Mark's Brothers days of the 80's.  Like back then , there is a new found confidence in the air. These players are a close knit group opposed to the finger pointing like Cameron last year, players are attending workouts, even during the bye period,. This is the most dedicated bunch by far, you can see Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams working overtime in the meeting rooms and then stopping a sports bar for a bite to eat together. This pass week Ricky turned down some pot for a week of fun and relaxation with his kids and taking some classes at nearby Nova University as he is studying the medical world to become one day a doctor, this according to his buddy Ronnie Brown, wit changes like these taking place and this new attitude filtering through the locker room, teams should take a very close watch at this new Dolphins team because they are out to make their mark on the gridiron in '08, it's this year's election motto and one that this team has adopted very quickly, it's a time for change.  Miami Dolphins Bleacher Report Columnist, John Wallace