Antonio Margarito Wants a Miguel Cotto Rematch

edgar solorzano@edgarsolorzano2Contributor IIIMarch 31, 2017

On March 12, two distinct warriors with different styles fought an exciting battle at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV. Puerto Rican superstar Miguel Cotto (36-2, 29KO's) defeated Ricardo "El Matador" Mayorga (29-8-1, 23 KO's) by TKO in the final round. It was a round that raised the energy in the arena.

Before the main-event bout, fight-fans were making their Cotto-Mayorga predictions. Some said Cotto was going to win by KO, while others stressed that Mayorga was going to be the warrior to conquer the world of boxing.

After Saturday night, the majority of the boxing world learned one thing: that Mayorga is not the greatest bull-fighter in the ring.

The Nicaraguan warrior didn't show any fear and was extremely confident in the early rounds. Mayorga started with great energy, throwing several combinations and showing a lot of movement, making the fight quite interesting.

Mayorga was explosive in the first five rounds and created a storm of punches that gave Miguel Cotto minor problems. Ricardo Mayorga did land some explosive wild punches that gave the Mayorga fans hope.

However, it was Miguel Cotto's jab and left hooks that gave the Nicaraguan warrior problems in the later rounds. Cotto managed to break down Mayorga slowly throughout the fight. Although he was breaking down Mayorga, the majority didn't see it. It was like watching a plant grow—but full of action.

The Puerto Rican warrior looked great against Mayorga. Cotto had a sharp jab, good foot-work, and great body-movement. Miguel Cotto was able to create distance with his quick jab, giving him a chance to set up for his combinations and time his left hook.

It seemed like everyone was waiting for the fight to go to decision when both warriors were battling in the final round. That is, until Miguel Cotto landed a tremendous left hook on Mayorga's chin.

Ricardo Mayorga later surrendered and didn't want to continue. It wasn't surprising at all that Mayorga didn't want to continue the war that he had started. Whenever a warrior offers his chin, he is basically offering his heart.

After the fight, Bob Arum wasted no time on bringing Antonio Margarito to the front at the post-fight conference to discuss a Margarito-Cotto re-match. Arum said that a re-match was possible—and it could most likely happen in July.

I later interviewed Antonio Margarito. He made it crystal clear that he wants to battle in the squared-circled against the Puerto Rican warrior. Margarito stressed, "I don't think is just me who wants the re-match, but I believe everyone wants to see it." Antonio Margarito admitted that Miguel Cotto looked good on the Mayorga fight, and that's one of the reasons why he wants to fight Miguel Cotto in July.

If the fight happens, it would either happen in New Jersey or Las Vegas, Nv. according to Bob Arum.


Here's the interview: