Denver Broncos....Defense?

Ryan LynchContributor ISeptember 30, 2008

This whole thing may be a bit biased since I've been a Broncos fan since the day I was born.  I grew up getting the Broncos pounded into my head by my dad and my whole family.

That said, the Denver defense is a big time joke, and has been for a while.  Their run defense is just as terrible as ever.  They knew it was a big problem after last year, and the only thing they did was bring in Dwayne Robertson, who failed as a Jet, but then again so did Vilma and look what he's doing in New Orleans.  Other than that, the D-line is the same, with the exception of Jarvis Moss coming back, not that he sees much time. Dumervil and Thomas are good pass rushers, but aren't much of a factor in the running game.

Some of the people they have let go in the last couple years baffle me.  I know some of the pieces were getting old, and a little banged up, but you can't tell me that they wouldn't be better than some of the guys on the team. 

For one, Al Wilson.  I know he hurt his neck and wasn't getting any younger, but he was cleared to play, and would have been fine.  He definitely would have been better last year in the middle that what Denver had.  DJ Williams can be one of the best outside linebackers in the league when he wants to, but he was horrid in the middle.  Letting Wilson go took a good backer from the outside, and downgraded the middle at the same time.

And this year?  Wilson would still probably be a better fit than Nate Webster, he hasn't had much of an impact in the middle.

Another linebacker they got rid of was Ian Gold.  Again, he wasn't getting younger, but he would still be better than Champ's younger brother Boss.  These guys would be great backing up Gold and Wilson, but starting?

Another obvious one was John Lynch.  He was going to retire but then recommitted himself to Denver for one more year and what do they do?  Say they don't want him and get rid of him.  All of these guys were older and probably not as durable as before,  but giving them some playing time ahead of these younger guys would be better for everyone.

Denver's offense is incredible.  As long as Cutler can somewhat stop always solely focusing on Marshall, they'll be ok.  Both picks he threw this last weekend were because he forced balls to Marshall, when he had other more open options.  I think when Ryan Torrain comes back and gets acclimated to the offense, he will end up being another great back as well.

The offense appears as though it should be fine for many years to come, so hopefully Denver starts focusing on picking up quality defensive players through free agency and the draft.

PS... I don't know why that picture got put on there and why I can't get rid of it.