ECW Recap 9/30/08 or Same Show, Different Time

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2008

ECW wraps up their first edition at their new time.  It's time to see if their decisions today will allow a wider audience to tune in to Sci-Fi.

We open the show with the biggest heel in all of the WWE; talking.  Yes, on a show that only runs an hour, they decide talking in the ring is the best way to go.  With their new earlier time slot, more people should be able to watch the show.  If anyone tunes in to watch, they should be watching wrestling and not wrestlers talk.  Terrible idea for this episode.

Tiffany introduces Teddy Long, Matt Hardy, and Mark Henry.  Henry has an interesting promo about how Matt shouldn't be champion because he's not at the same caliber as Triple H and Chris Jericho.  I liked this.  It's bringing to the front what a lot of people have been saying about Hardy for years.  He's a great worker and has the fan support, but a lot of people don't know if he's championship material.  Hopefully, this will become a new story of Hardy proving himself as a champion.

The Miz and John Morrison come out and complain that Long made them fight last week and demand a match against Evan Bourne and Ricky Ortiz.  Long makes a 6 man tag for the main event.  I love how headstrong Miz and Morrison are.  Even though they are heels, they don't back down and demand fights.  This makes them that much better as it's something different.

An interesting note about this segment, Tiffany does all of the introductions in the beginning as opposed to Teddy Long.  It looks like they want to get more out of her and are allowing her to talk.

The opening match sees Jack Swagger, in full heel mode now, versus Lenny Lane, of WCW fame.  The same problem keeps occurring with Swagger,; they're putting him against opponents that don't have the fans behind them.  No one in the arena is going to care about Jack Swagger beating a bunch of jobbers.  He needs to fight people that are established, people that the fans care about.

The audience goes silent when this happens and it looks bad on TV.  Most of the viewing audience will then not care about Swagger either as they don't feel the connection that the sounds of a live audience bring in.

Swagger was far more aggressive in this match and had a more charismatic open than usual.  He gets the win with the Doctor Bomb after a quick match.  He continues his assault after the bell which makes Tommy Dreamer come out.  Swagger leaves, like a good heel should.

The next match is Dreamer versus Mike Knox.  The match really highlighted Knox and his aggressiveness.  Dreamer didn't get much offense in before Knox hit the Knox Out for the finish.  Knox looks good in the ring, but he needs longer matches to really show the audience what he can do.  As of now, it's hard to judge him and I can't find any old footage of how he works, so I have no opinions of him just yet.

Swagger comes back out and hits the Doctor Bomb on Dreamer after the match.  Hopefully these two will fight next week and allow Jack Swagger to finally start solidifying himself as a heel with the fans.

The main event sees The Miz, John Morrison, and Mark Henry versus Ricky Ortiz, Evan Bourne, and Matt Hardy.   This match was really hot with the live crowd.  The match pace was great and the momentum shifts were timed perfectly.  No one side had the advantage for too long and if the match seemed like it was about to slow down, they turned it up in the ring.

All of these guys in this match have the ability to go far in the company.  If the WWE will allow them to grow as characters and give them the opportunity, than we may just be seeing the future of the company with Evan Bourne, Ricky Ortiz, and The Miz.  Matt Hardy and Mark Henry are much closer to the top right now and just have to find that one stepping stone to propel themselves there.  John Morrison was getting to the top but had a suspension that killed his push.  Hopefully he can continue to prove to creative that he deserves to be at the top.

The match ends with Mark Henry, making his only appearance in the match, hitting the World's Strongest Slam on Bourne for the win.  This worked great as Henry is so much larger than Bourne and it should only take one power move for him to win.

This also showed how much danger Hardy really is in come Sunday.  All it will take is one power move like this and Henry will be the new world champion.  They really built this match well for No Mercy.

Overall, a decent show.  The main event really saved the entire thing as the rest of the show was actually forgettable.  Which is sad because Tommy Dreamer should be in the main event scene.  Hopefully, some more people watched tonight with the new time slot and will continue to watch.  My rating: B