WWE: Rey Mysterio Could Make or Break Sin Cara

Angel CervantesContributor IIIMarch 15, 2011

Sin Cara, the former Mistico, is a huge international wrestler that is garnering a lot of buzz in the wrestling industry. WWE is slowly introducing him to the general public much like they did with Alberto Del Rio. While the two men’s promos could not be more different, WWE is approaching their debuts in a similar manner.

Vignettes are being aired each week with no end date in sight. The difference in the two, however, is that while Del Rio was allowed to show off his charisma by talking our ears off, Sin Cara’s flashy style has been the focus of his vignettes.

WWE seems to have the right idea as this is the best possible way to introduce him to a brand new audience.

Sin Cara allows his move set to speak for him and along with WWE is beginning to get many people pumped up and anxious for his debut. While watching the vignettes, it’s hard not to think of Rey Mysterio.

Both men have similar styles and of course, both men wear masks. When Mysterio first arrived in the States, he also allowed his move set to speak for him. It was only until WCW folded and he finally arrived in WWE that he began to frequently speak.

The bottom line is that Mysterio never needed to be a great talker to get himself over. The mask, the flashy colors and outfits, and the innovative lucha style were always enough. WWE most likely realizes this and will also allow Sin Cara’s unique attributes speak for him.

Mysterio is in the twilight of his career, even though he is just 36 and only three years older than up-and-comer Alberto Del Rio. It seems as if Mysterio is much older than he really is because he has been around forever; he started wrestling professionally at around age 15.

Rey has become of a victim of his innovative style and has suffered multiple injuries in recent years. Because of the years of wear and tear, Mysterio probably only has a couple years left in his career.

What does any of this have to do with Sin Cara?

Mysterio’s attitude in dealing with the Mexican import could go a long way in determining how far Sin Cara goes. It’s never an easy thing having to watch another person being groomed to take your place.

Last summer, Mysterio had to deal with the emergence of Alberto Del Rio. He handled the situation quite well and in the end put Del Rio over and helped him ascend to one of Wrestlemania’s main-events.

Mysterio and Del Rio, however, have very different looks, personalities, and styles. In many ways their only similarity is their Mexican backgrounds.

How is Rey Mysterio going to deal with the direct competition of emerging star Sin Cara? The way that Mysterio handles the situation could very well make or break the former Mistico.

It would be very hard to blame Mysterio if he took the jealousy route. Like I previously mentioned, no one wants to be replaced and forgotten. Could paranoia and envy lead to Mysterio going out of his way to bury Sin Cara and stop his push before it even gets started?

We know that Rey has gained a lot of backstage clout in recent years and like many others, used his influence in negative ways. 

Another question at the time is if Rey really does have enough power to stop Sin Cara from blowing up. The company realizes like many of us do that Mysterio can’t wrestle forever. Mysterio brings a huge demographic to Smackdown and anywhere he goes so of course they would want a successor for whenever Mysterio does call it quits.

Would WWE really allow Mysterio to jeopardize the career of a man they have so much invested in? Only time will tell.

By acknowledging Sin Cara, instead of ignoring him or pretending he doesn’t exist, Mysterio could give Sin Cara a major rub. If Rey actually embraced Sin Cara and cut a promo giving him his seal of approval, it would also go a long way.

Mysterio and Sin Cara can be involved in a lot of interesting angles together. The two can be involved in everything from forming a team, to competing against each other.

I can also see scenarios where Mysterio declines working with Sin Cara on the basis of being slower and no longer in his prime; not wanting to be upstaged by the younger star.

Mysterio should understand, and I believe he does, that Sin Cara succeeding would be good for everyone. A Mysterio-Sin Cara tag team or say, a Wrestlemania encounter between the two would benefit a lot of people and draw a lot of money.

I realize that I’m making a big deal out of a man who has not yet made his WWE debut. However, Sin Cara will be on your television screen before you know it. At the time, Sin Cara signifies unlimited potential. What Sin Cara and the company do with the potential remains to be seen.

Personally, I am more interested in how Rey Mysterio handles the situation. Will Rey Mysterio embrace Sin Cara or allow the jealousy to take over? I remain an optimist and believe that the master of the 619 will do the right thing.