WWE No Mercy 2008 Previews

ED KENDRICKContributor ISeptember 30, 2008

My personal review for WWE No Mercy 2008

Ladder Match for the World Heavyweight Championship:  Chris Jericho (C) v. Shawn Michaels

This will be the most brutal match of the evening.  This is the match that Shawn Michaels became infamous for as he faced Bret Hart in a non-televised Ladder Match in July 1992 for the Intercontinental Championship.  HBK has also became infamous for going to the limit in this match.  His ladder matches have been the most talked about matches to this day.  In my personal opinion, HBK became famous in the ladder match when he faced Razor Ramon aka Scott Hall at WrestleMania X and then again at SummerSlam 1995. 

This match started after WrestleMania when Jericho was a guest referee for the HBK/Batista match back in April at Backlash when HBK feigned a knee injury.  They had a match at Judgment Day which was won by HBK.  At The Great American Bash, HBK was defeated after his Jericho punched him in the face causing his eye to bleed further and cause "further damage" to his "damaged retina" after Jericho threw HBKs head through the Jerichtron on an episode of Jericho's Highlight Reel.

These two ignited the feud again when HBK was "retiring" at SummerSlam with his wife by his side.  Jericho is telling HBK that he should have done his retirement the classic way but as we all know, HBK is not that type of man.  Jericho then punched HBKs wife iin the face which ignited the feud for the Unsanctioned Match at Unforgiven which HBK brutalized Jericho.  Jericho wins the title after being placed in the World Heavyweight Championship Scramble after CM Punk could not compete in the match. 

Look for HBK to win his 5th world title and 1st since beating 5 men in the first ever Elimination Chamber match.

WWE Championship match: Triple H (C) v. Jeff Hardy

No Mercy will be the second time in less than a month that Jeff Hardy will challenge WWE Champion Triple H for his title. At Unforgiven, Hardy was part of the first-ever WWE Championship Scramble Match, where four Superstars attempted to take down The King of Kings. But with mere seconds to go in the 20-minute encounter, The Game prevailed.

Hardy earned a second chance at Triple H’s gold when he defeated United States Champion Shelton Benjamin, Montel Vontavious Porter and The Brian Kendrick in a Fatal Four Way Match on the first SmackDown following Unforgiven.

The Game has been riding a wave of success as WWE Champion. But for Hardy, he’s undergone a rough year. From losing his home and dog in a fire, to undergoing a suspension, then suffering back-to-back pay-per-view losses – to MVP at SummerSlam (and The Game at Unforgiven – the high-flyer has been hanging out at ground level.

Unlike their encounter at Unforgiven, Hardy will have to face The Cerebral Assassin one-on-one. The odds seem to overwhelmingly favor 12-time World Champion Triple H. But, success is no stranger to Hardy, who is a four-time Intercontinental and seven-time Tag Team Champion. The time is right for Hardy to pull off a major win. But first, he’ll need to get by one of WWE’s most successful Superstars.

Can Hardy pull off a major upset? Or, will The King of Kings continue to reign supreme?

Look for Jeff Hardy to win his first World Title at No Mercy

ECW Champion Matt Hardy vs. Mark Henry:

At No Mercy, ECW Champion Matt Hardy defends his title against Mark Henry. Theirs is a rivalry forged in a champion’s quest to affirm his ultimate glory and a former champion’s hunt to reestablish his greatness.

Mark Henry dominated the Land of the Extreme from the moment he claimed ECW’s top prize. He stomped on top of the mountain as a dangerous champion, nearly impossible to defeat. To add fuel to the fire, The World’s Strongest Man enlisted WWE Hall of Famer Tony Atlas to stand beside him, a factor that tipped the scales even further in his favor during his first two defenses against Hardy. Hardy refused to give up, a quality that allowed him to rise up against the odds and claim the title in the ECW Championship Scramble at Unforgiven.

But, even with his heroic achievement, the fact remains that Matt Hardy has never pinned Mark Henry’s shoulders to the mat – neither in the Scramble Match nor in subsequent tag team competition since. If Hardy hopes to realize his dream of becoming the greatest ECW Champion of all time, he will first need to alleviate any doubt that he is at all weaker than his predecessor.  

Can the ECW Champion score a definitive victory and finally solidify his reign? Or will the scourge of The World’s Strongest Man return to ECW?

Matt retains the ECW Championship

World Heavyweight Championship No. 1 Contender Match: Batista v. JBL

While Chris Jericho’s World Heavyweight Championship is a prize that many WWE Superstars have their eyes on, there are two that have gone farther than anyone else in proving they are worthy of holding that coveted gold: Batista and JBL. At No Mercy, the WWE Universe will find out which of these athletes deserves a title opportunity, as The Animal squares off against the Longhorn Loudmouth to determine the No. 1 contender.

With Chris Jericho holding the most revered title on Raw, both Batista and JBL have made compelling cases for why they should have a title match against the World Heavyweight Champion. However, convening with Raw General Manager Mike Adamle, Jericho stated that neither of these dominant competitors was worthy of challenging him yet, and the decision was made to have the two mix it up, allowing the cream to rise to the top, with the winner going on to face Jericho at the very next pay-per-view.

Both of these former World Titleholders have struggled to seize championship gold since coming to Monday Night Raw, but in spite of their in-ring dominance, neither has been able to close the deal. Most recently, the two were included in a World Heavyweight Championship Scramble at Unforgiven, where late-entrant Chris Jericho snuck a win out from under Batista’s nose at the last possible moment, denying The Animal the gold for which he had fought so hard. Even before that, both Batista and JBL were gunning for then World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk, but to no avail, with the Straightedge Superstar managing to foil each of their attempts.

Batista wins and goes to face the World Champion at Cyber Sunday...hopefully

Big Show vs. Undertaker:

Two colossal Superstars, Big Show and Undertaker, will square off at No Mercy, and the fate of SmackDown may very well lay in the wake of their epic battle.

After being reinstated by SmackDown General Manager Vickie Guerrero – the same person who helped banish him from WWE in the first place – Undertaker returned to SmackDown with an irrepressible thirst for vengeance. He refused Guerrero’s pleas for forgiveness, making the dreadful proclamation that he would take her soul and send her to Hell at Unforgiven.

But, when the moment of wrecking arrived, the emerging Deadman was suddenly ambushed by Big Show. The World’s Largest Athlete formed an alliance with Guerrero, adding a mountain of power to her office, and making the annihilation of The Phenom his first order of business on his way to the WWE Championship.

Big Show has promised that if Undertaker is not sorry now for all he’s done to Guerrero, he will be. But, The Deadman has shown time and time again that he is not the forgiving kind – and with every passing day his anger grows as large as his opponent’s mighty fists.

Will Big Show bury Undertaker’s plans for revenge? Or will he become the largest occupant in Hell?

Taker wins

Women's Championship Match: Beth Phoenix (C) v. Candice Michelle

When Beth Phoenix caused Candice Michelle to break her clavicle in October 2007, the then-Women’s Champion admitted the injury and being unable to compete took her to a “really dark place.”

Now, it’s the Candy-coated Diva’s opportunity to once again shed some bright light on her career when she battles Phoenix for the Women’s Championship at No Mercy, the very show at which The Glamazon won her first title over Candice.

Since her recent comeback, a determined Candice has already fired a shot across the bow of the S.S. Glamazon by pinning her in a Six-Diva Tag Match. Pinning Phoenix in a tag match, however, is hardly the same as tackling her one-on-one.

To quench her thirst for revenge after months on the shelf, the Candy-coated Diva will have to counter The Glamazon’s overwhelming size and strength advantage with a combination of both quickness and agility.

And while revenge is a dish best served cold, Beth may be on too much of a hot streak to oblige. Ever since The Glamazon captured the title from Mickie James at SummerSlam, she has been dominating both her opponents and the opponents of her boyfriend, Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella.

Will Candice’s renewed sense of determination and desire for revenge be enough to overcome the dominating force that is The Glamazon?

Candice wins the Women's Title for the 2nd time at No Mercy

Rey Mysterio vs. Kane:

Rey Mysterio has seemingly fallen down Kane’s dark demented version of the rabbit hole, and at No Mercy, these two will face-off in a David vs. Goliath match-up that will certainly have neither competitor showing the other any mercy. This match has major implications on Mysterio, especially, as he could be forced to unmask, live on pay-per-view.

When Kane revealed that the mysterious burlap sack he was carrying around contained the mask of the Master of the 619, the WWE Universe was questioning what the sadistic Big Red Monster could have done to Mysterio. Kane revealed that he had attacked the Ultimate Underdog and left him broken, his reason being an unwarranted hatred for Mysterio and the fact that he still “hides behind a mask.”

Fortunately, despite Kane’s cryptic messages and alluding that he had done away with the Ultimate Underdog, Mysterio made a surprise return, dispatching of the surprised Big Red Monster much to the delight of our fans. The Master of the 619 went on to explain that Kane did indeed attack him, but Mysterio would not be broken and all it did was make his spirit that much stronger.

The two had their chance to face-off against one another a few weeks later on Raw, but it ended in a disqualification when Kane snapped and continued to mercilessly attack a helpless Mysterio. Luckily for Rey, he had a friend in ECW’s Evan Bourne, who came out to make the save for the man he said opened the doors for guys like him in WWE.

One week later, however, it was Kane who got the last laugh, decimating Bourne and sending a powerful message to Mysterio. Then, the diabolical demon made things much worse for the Master of the 619 by convincing the Raw General Manager to put Mysterio's mask at stake. If he loses, the luchador will suffer the ultimate disgrace: He will de-mask at No Mercy.

Will Rey be able overcome tremendous odds and rid himself of the torment he has been facing at the hands of Kane? Or will the Big Red Monster finally finish off the Master of the 619 as he intended to do weeks ago?

Rey Mysterio defeats the Big Red Monster


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