WWE Wrestlemania 27: HHH vs. Sheamus and 10 Other Matches That May Have Happened

LewisAnalyst IIIMarch 15, 2011

WWE Wrestlemania 27: HHH vs. Sheamus and 10 Other Matches That May Have Happened

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    The granddaddy of them all is soon to return to WWE; and this slideshow will feature the matchups which could/should/may have been featured this year.

    These 10 matches might have been discussed before on the other hand others may haven't even have been mentioned.

    I hope these 10 matches will ignite a passion inside you which hopes these matches will finally come around.

John Cena vs. the Undertaker

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    Many people have talked about this matchup and I feel John Cena should have a pop at 'Taker's incredible streak. In my view I would have preferred this to the Triple H vs. The Undertaker match; sure that match will be a show-stealer but we have witnessed an HHH/'Taker match before, and although it could be better, I feel a Cena/'Taker storyline would be great to witness and this match would have been a better pick than Miz/Cena.

    Maybe not this Year but next year? Who knows...

    Probability of this year - 0/10

    Probability of next year - 6/10

    Probability in two years or more - 4/10 (I feel Undertaker will retire with at the streak at 20).

Triple H vs. Sheamus

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    This match was originally penned for this year's Wrestlemania, and in my view should have happened. We as fans never really got a return rivalry with HHH/Sheamus as everyone expected; we should get one after Wrestlemania because it just seems stupid that WWE would miss an opportunity not to extend this feud more.

    Probability this year - 0/10

    Probability next year's Wrestlemania - 4/10

    Probability in two years or more - 8/10

CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. the Miz

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    It happened when these guys were in ECW, and it would be great to see this once again for the WWE title. This will be the Styles/Samoa Joe/Christopher Daniels match of WWE. Maybe not as spot-filled but will be a decent match to witness. It will show just how far these wrestlers have gotten.

    Personally I don't think this Triple threat match will happen at Wrestlemania however i do feel these guys will cross paths one day.

    Probability this year - 0/10

    probability next year - 5/10

    Probability in the future - 7/10

Money in the Bank Match Featuring...

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    Shelton Benjamin (if he returns) vs. Evan Bourne vs. Kofi Kingston vs. John Morrison vs. Mistico (Sin Cara)

    This match would be a spot-fest—these guys will blow the roof of with sheer skill and move set. I doubt this exact match would happen, so I guess this is more of a dream match. However I feel this would be the highlight of the night. Lately there has been news that The MITB match won't happen this year but I personally hope it does; it's become a tradition and traditions should be kept.

    Probability this year - 0/10

    Probability next year - 4/10

    Probability in the future - 4/10 

Chris Jericho vs. the Undertaker

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    I bet someone will save this pic...
    I bet someone will save this pic...

    This was my second pick as to who will be 'Taker's next victim last year, HHH was my first pick.

    Although Y2J is out of WWE at this point in time—he has expressed multiple times he will come back, and has even gone as far as possibly returning as early as this year, as a contract is on the table; sadly he hasn't yet as he felt other returns (Rock/JBL/Austin/HHH/Undertaker/Booker T/Nash) wouldn't make his return as big as an impact it should be.

    This match would have been fresh and since a match on Smackdown last year featuring the duo; I have hoped that they will feud soon.

    Probability this year - 0/10

    Probability next year - 6/10

    Probability in future - 4/10 (as the Undertaker may retire beforehand) 

Christan vs. Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    I really hope this match will happen this year, as Christian has more of a claim to wrestle Del Rio than Edge, as Del Rio Kayfabed Injured Christian and I believe we will see the feud in the future.

    He will either turn Heel or remain Face.

    He could make Del Rio win.


    Make Edge lose.

    Personally I hope he interferes and makes Edge lose, as I like him to turn heel.

    Either way Christian should either have a part in the outcome or be included in the match.

    probability this year - 5/10 (being included in match) 8/10 (interfering in match)

    Probability next year - 1/10

    Probability in future - 3/10

Edge vs. Christian

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    People have talked about this feud for years.

    And with each passing Wrestlemania event; my hope, my belief, my dream doesn't come true.

    But this year we have had more Edge/Christian interaction than ever! Well maybe except when they were teaming...

    These two feuding, in my view, will start at 'Mania with Christian turning on Edge to cost him the belt and they will feud throughout the months.

    Probability this year - 0/10 (not in one on one match) 5/10 (included with Rio/Edge match) 8/10 (interfering in the Rio/Edge match)

    Probability next year - 6/10

    Probability in the future - 8/10 

Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes

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    Perhaps i'm cheating with this pick but I called this match a while back and i'm glad that Rhodes is being pushed because I always felt he was the better half of the very talented Legacy (excluding Orton).

    This match is officially happening—so nothing to else to say i suspect...

    Probability this year - 9/10 (Mysterio may become injured seriously)

    Probability next year - 2/10

    Probability at another event - 7/10 maybe at Extreme Rules, a rematch perhaps

Daniel Byran vs. CM Punk for the US Title

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    This match was talked about, and I feel Punk/Byran would have done an excellent job and performed a clinic. 

    Probability this year - 0/10

    (Spoiler Alert)

    Sheamus is penciled in for a match with Bryan this year

    Probability next year - 6/10

    Probability in future event - 9/10

Batista vs. Randy Orton

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    This match would have happened this year in my view.

    I was watching my newly bought Batista DVD yesterday and to be honest I was NOT a major fan of his 'til his heel turn and storyline with Cena last year. I was watching his DVD actually feeling sad that he isn't around anymore. Thankfully, I remembered Y2J might be on his way back soon until I remembered he is gonna do the Dancing show.

    The two Evolution stable mates would be a great match for Wrestlemania and if Flair wasn't with TNA could have been a special guest referee. It would be great in my view.

    Probability this year - 0/10

    Probability next year - 2/10 (Maybe Batista may return?)

    Probability in future event - 1/10

Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Sin Cara (Mistico)

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    I have a very strong feel this will happen next year, as it will be the past (Mysterio), the present (ADR) and the future (Sin Cara; the wrestler formerly known as Mistico).

    This match will be a slober-knocker as JR would call it, and in my mind only one thing would complete it, Guerrero. 

    HELL NO—Not Vickie...


    Eddie would be the perfect fit, and if he was alive but a substitution may be what is needed.

    Maybe the WWE could fit Chavo Guerrero in where Chavo will say his Uncle was the best Mexican WWE wrestler.

    This match would be one for the books and i hope WWE will do this.

    Probability this year - 0/10

    Probability next year - 6.5/10 (excluding Chavo) 3/10 (including Chavo)

    Probability at future events - 9/10(excluding Chavo) 4.5/10 (including Chavo)


That's All Folks!

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    Thanks for the read Bleacherholics.

    I hope you agree with some and disagree with others—that's what the IWC is all about right? A healthy debate.

    All comments welcome :)