Three and Out NFL (Week 8 2007)

Eric ThomasonCorrespondent ISeptember 30, 2008

NFL week eight  2007


1. Tom Brady: I mean, he’s probably only the best quarterback ever. The guy's so hot right now, Satan wouldn’t even touch him. Brady and his hell boys, Welker and Moss, are on a tear right now. If throwing for five TD’s in the first half wasn’t enough, then the sixth he added on his first possession after coming off the bench in the second half was sick. Is this guy ever cold?

2. The Lonesome Kicker:Not exactly the term I would use for the "Mighty Bironas," who set an NFL record by kicking eight field goals in a game.

P.S. he was eight for eight. Actually he made nine kicks on Sunday, because he kicked your ass if he played your fantasy squad this week. Ouch.

3. Miami Dolphin Starters:Ha. Just kidding, but Brian Westbrook could walk on fire right now. He’s replaced pickle juice will habanero peppers in Philly.



1. The Star: Julius Jones really hasn’t done much in the past couple of weeks, and the way Marion Barber has been running the ball I would expect the Gopher to get a lot more carries come crunch time. The conception is that, Jones is weak and Barber is tough. Right now I would say Jones is about as good of an investment fantasy wise as starting a Bill Callahan fan club.

2. Defenseless: Watch Plaxico and Eli do what Brady and the Pats did this weekend against a highly vaunted Miami Dolphins defense.

1. Teams are beginning to master the onside kick: Arizona did it to set up a game winning field goal attempt against Washington, and I think the Texans recovered like eight in a row; however, both teams still didn’t get the "W."

2. Shockingly, perhaps the best running back duo in the NFL resides in.........Wait for it

......... Minnesota.



LJ might be back, Steven Jackson is not and Willie Parker will never score a touchdown again.

1. Champs: Until "Brady-Manning Four" in the AFC championship game. I hope this happens for the next six years; in my mind, no match up could produce more than this. This series will go down as the best QB duel in NFL history. I love it.

2. October: The Rockies will win more games in the World Series than the Dolphins do all season: one.

3. Brian Griese:Will lead the Chicago Bears back to the Superbowl, be a pro bowl selection, and win a MVP. Ok maybe not, but seriously, the guy's playing pretty well right now.

Of course, it’s not too hard to play better than Rex.