The Ronnie and Ricky Show: Is It Going to Be Enough?

Kris NovakContributor ISeptember 30, 2008

All of you Dol-Fans out there that are still celebrating your victory over the Patriots last week, need to know that you can't rejoice too much. You still need to relize that the Dolphins are 1-2 and even worse, last in the AFC east. Due to the recent trick play, college like offense Coach Sporano ran against the Patriots, the league has taken some critiziem off the Phins. The Dolphins gave some unusual looks that will certainly give upcoming teams something to worry about.

Ronnie Brown had a breakout game with 4 rushing touchdowns and 1 abnormal passing touchdown last week. He carried the Dolphins to a convincing 38-13 win against the powerhouse New England franchise. This however raises some positive and negative questions. Are the Dolphins ready to breakout of their 3 year losing slump, or was this just a bad game for the Tom Brady-less Patriots?

Lets look at what the Dolphins DO have going for them. They have a growing offensive line. Some may say that the Dolphins beat the Patriots because of the absence of Tom Brady. This may be true BUT the Dolpins rushed for 200+ yards on an entirely healthy Superbowl worthy, Patriots defense.

The play of the Phins offensive line is improving every week. The addition of Jake Long, first round draft pick out of Michigan, seems to be a successful acquisition. Ronnie Brown, who led the league in yards from scrimmage last year until his unfortunate knee injury, is looking like his old self again breaking through arm tackles and outrunning the secondary.

Ricky Williams is also looking like his old self again. He now however is quicker and faster. He lost about 15 pounds giving him the ability to turn the corner and get up field. In his recent performances, he has shown the his loss of weight does not stop him from running through tacklers like a bulldozer, just as he did before his early retirement.

The question is: Is Ricky going to see more sideline time because of Ronnies recent performance? The anwser is no! He will see more.

Tony Sporano relizes that he has something special. He has the ability to breakdown defenses and keep possession of the ball without running out of stamina at the running back position.

Ricky and Ronnie split carries against the Patriots and looked as if they were fresh every carry, showing no signs of fatigue. This is a rare thing in the NFL to have two running backs of their caliber.

The only thing Sporano needs to do, is keep his mind going and keep confusing defenses with different offensive looks.

Lets face it Dol-Fans, we don't have the best quarterback in the league and one of the worst receiving core in the league. Anthony Fasano is the Dolphins best reciever this year. He is fast, quick and can make something after the catch. The dolphins top three receivers are, Tedd Ginn who is in his 2nd year not putting up the numbers he needs too to be a top receiver, Gregg Camarillo who was once a pine rider back in San Diego and Earnest Wilford who is averaging a mere 3 catches a game.

People, the Dolphins need to develop plays that involve their raw talent. For example. Tedd Ginn who is not a highlight receiver does have break away speed. They can get him more involved in reverses and end arounds. Earnest Wilford has great height. They can trust him to bring down jump balls, or send him across the middle to settle down.

All in all we can't expect the Dolphins to run a traditional run and gun offense with the weapons or talent they have now. To win, they must maintain balance in carries with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams and be very creative in play calling.

Their biggest concern should be time of possession. The only way the Phins can win games is if they don't let their opponent get the ball. The Dolphins secondary lacks in talent and are very small at linebacker. If they do however keep up their clever play calling, expect them to be over .500 this season, which will be a feat comparing to previous years.