Should TNA Release Jeff Hardy?

Pavitar SidhuCorrespondent IMarch 15, 2011

Jeff Hardy humiliated TNA as he ruined the company's PPV main event at this year's Victory Road, and this isn't the first time.

Should TNA simply consider releasing Jeff Hardy?

For those of you who don't know exactly what happened, let me guide you through. Jeff Hardy was scheduled to face Sting for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at the annual Victory Road PPV. However, all the hype and anticipation that was built for the match collapsed as Jeff arrived at the arena in the worst condition possible.

It's very obvious that Jeff Hardy was under some type of drug, but it hasn't been reported what exact substance was responsible. Whatever it was, it put Hardy in a condition where he was unable to wrestle.

Nobody backstage during the event could figure out why management even allowed Hardy to be put in front of the audience when he was in no condition to do anything.

Many within the company are extremely upset about the entire situation. As a result of the incident, TNA received awful publicity and that is something the company definitely did not need as they were already struggling to get PPV buy rates up. This is sure to make the situation worse.

The match itself lasted approximately 90 seconds, and was pathetic to say the least. Sting was also shown to be extremely upset after the match, but he remained as professional as he could throughout the entire time.

This isn't the first time where Jeff Hardy has shown up for a live PPV event in no condition to compete. It's beyond me why TNA continues pushing him in the main event.

In general, the incident caused much hardship on TNA as fans went home very upset after the event, and they collectively voiced their opinion after the show went off the air. Many who purchased the PPV event to be watched at home were disappointed as well.

Jeff Hardy has done nothing aside from causing problems for TNA, so it's time they let him go. He clearly does not have any sense of responsibility at this point in time. As a matter of fact, it'll cause nothing than more trouble for TNA if Jeff is found guilty during his court case and put in jail. It's difficult to believe that he's a father and husband.

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