WWE Do Us All a Favor! Buy out TNA Wrestling so Fans Can Stop Suffering!

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMarch 14, 2011

Look at the man who is help killing your company TNA!
Look at the man who is help killing your company TNA!

There comes a time when things have to change almost immediately. Signs are the key to predicting what’s going to happen to something that’s on its last legs. Sometimes you can’t help but to feel sorry for what’s suffering, as you already know that the end is near. But on the other hand you can’t help but feel that they put themselves there.

This is the case for TNA Wrestling!

When you look at the short history of this organization you can’t help but think; why can’t they crack the code? Is it that hard to produce quality shows day in day out? They have all the tools to do so, great talent and a core group of staff who have been in the game a very long time and seen it all. Many of that core group went through the WCW days and where there for the good: the bad and the very ugly.

When you look at the steady pace TNA Wrestling was making with their great pool of talent and a good product, then look at where they are at now, you can’t help but shake your head especially as a major pro wrestling fan.

Right now WCW is very much alive but with a façade: that façade being TNA Wrestling!

The Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff regime was brought in to take TNA to the next level but the product is going the wrong direction.

Last night at TNA Wrestling’s Victory Road the fans who witnessed the event just saw another sign to a company on dying legs.

Jeff Hardy was set to take on Sting to challenge for his beloved, “antichrist” world title but Jeff had other plans so it would seem.

As fans everywhere know that Jeff Hardy was in “no condition to perform” many have speculated stating Jeff appeared to be high/drunk.

But we can’t go into that as we don’t know that for fact! So there is really no reason on speculating on that matter.

But back to the match even though Hardy was in “no condition to perform” management still let him perform; does this make sense to anybody?

Is it that hard to work out an angle or something? Maybe have Hardy jumped by a random then give the shot to Anderson or RVD with Sting retaining.

But no management still let Hardy perform so most of the blame is on TNA management. It made it seem that the company does not care about the fans who spent their hard earned money on a overpriced ppv which did not live up to expectations. With expectations being low as it is already they couldn’t even put on a decent show!

The main event lasted a little over a minute…I repeat the main event of a ppv lasted a little over a minute! Can you say “finger poke of death.”

Things look to be going down many backstage are very upset about the situation which is not helping morale within the company. How do you expect to produce something when everyone in the company is down!

Even Joey Styles who is not with the organization had to make a comment (The following is from sescoops.com where you can get great wrestling news)

Joey Styles joked on Twitter, “Last night, I was watching a 15 year old match of Jeff Hardy as enhancement talent on wweclassics.com. That was wweclassics.com, wasn’t it?” He later followed up with, “No hateful replies to my Jeff Hardy tweet this morning. I guess I reconciled with all of you TNA fans and we agree on last night’s debacle.”


Which is funny as its true how could Hogan & Bischoff and the rest of management let that happen? Not only was that the first time the same thing happened back in December. Obviously Jeff sees the company as a joke as he wouldn’t keep doing it.

Now this has nothing to do with this situation but trust it will play into the current problem!

It was announced over the weekend that Zuffa parent company of the UFC has purchased rival company Strikeforce.

Which is huge news and Dana White the CEO of the organization stated, it will be “business as usual “for the Strikeforce organization. So the contracts and TV deals will be honored. Well for now as most likey eventually Strikeforce will merge just like WEC did.

Now why did I bring this up? Well it’s simply UFC is the WWE of MMA as Strikeforce is the TNA Wrestling of MMA. But I give SF props as they actually put on great cards and exciting action. Hints the reason UFC bought out the company and will have a working relationship with the company as it will turn a profit.

So to continue yes TNA Wrestling is losing steam and seems to be falling apart but it wouldn’t be hard for a company named WWE to turn things around!

Think about it as WWE looks to build new guys every day and the roster keeps growing and growing it would be great to have a product like TNA Wrestling as another brand to rely on. It would work better than ECW did as long as it’s handled right. Also if a star on the Raw or Smackdown brand need tweaking send them to TNA Wrestling!

Not only that we can see great talent like Robert Roode (who deserves a major push), James Storm, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe and others be moved up to WWE.

Especially since WWE would like to expand more and more this would be a great way to do so…I truly feel this is TNA’s only hope. As Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff plans don’t seem to be that great. If you are depending on a angle like Jarrett‘s vs. Angle scandal angle to take you to the top…something is very wrong!

Yes this is a long shot and WWE is fine without purchasing TNA but it wouldn’t hurt it’s not like they wouldn’t benefit from it.

Where will TNA Wrestling go from here? Who knows the first thing is they need to resolve the Jeff situation quick very quickly. Every fan is tired of reading these types of articles and writing them but when something’s so bad you can’t help but to analyze/criticize.

Another thing is TNA’s biggest problem that they haven’t realized yet they are forgetting about the talent that got them to where there at. No one is being pushed and everything is being focused on Hogan & Immortal just like the nWo days.

What do you do when a ships going down? It’s simply jump!