WWE Wrestlemania XXVII: The Miz Has Already Won

Angel CervantesContributor IIIMarch 14, 2011

The Miz has come a long way, there’s no doubt about it.

From starting off on MTV’s Real World to appearing on Real World/Road Rules challenges, starting off as a wrestling Divas Search Host, and then jobbing to the Boogeyman in his first PPV match, he finally made the headline of the biggest wrestling show of the year. Not only is The Miz headlining Wrestlemania XXVII, but he is also walking into Atlanta as the WWE Champion. When The Miz debuted, I’m sure not too many pictured he would be where he is today.

When it comes to this year’s main-event, I’m forced to look back as I’m reminded of the first Austin-Rock match at Wrestlemania XV. Now before I get blasted for seemingly comparing The Miz to The Rock, let me explain myself.

The 15th Wrestlemania was The Rock’s first main event and he had yet to establish himself, not yet being The Rock he would later become. What many people do not seem to remember is that at the time not too many gave the future great one a chance to win.

This is where the comparisons slightly differ as this year many people actually believe that The Miz may actually pull off the win. The argument is made that by the way the champ has been overlooked by both his opponent, John Cena and by the Wrestlemania host, The Rock that the only logical conclusion to the match would be for The Miz to come out of the big show as the champion.

I believe that the result of the match is actually irrelevant and that The Miz would actually benefit more from a loss. The Miz emerging victorious might hurt as it can be seen as the company trying way too hard to push him down the throats of the fans. Miz might receive the same backlash that Cena has received for his superman push. Another Cena win would most likely cause even more backlash against him and possibly even cause some sympathy for The Miz which would leave the door open for a face turn.

Then again, The Miz is a heel so it’s not like the backlash that would possibly come from a win at Wrestlemania would necessarily be a bad thing. A win would also give The Miz bragging rights that he could milk for years. I believe that a win or loss for The Miz would also dictate if he would remain heel or become a face.

If The Miz defeats John Cena at Wrestlemania then he would have most likely done it by dirty means which would ensure he would remain heel for a while. A loss against Cena, while being overlooked in the Cena-Rock rivalry, would surely generate a lot of sympathy, among other things, for The Miz and many more fans would jump on his bandwagon.

At Wrestlemania 15, it gave The Rock a rub just to be in the main-event with Austin. The outcome in that match did not matter too much either. The Rock lost to Austin that night, leading to another Stone Cold title reign, but the loss certainly did not stop The Rock from becoming the mega-star he would soon become. So when comparing that match to this year’s main-event, I see many similarities and expect even bigger things in the future for Mr. Mizanin.

It sure is fitting that in some capacity, The Rock will be involved in this year’s main event since I see many parallels in the careers of a young Rock and The Miz. Whether The Miz successfully defends the WWE Championship this year and is left standing tall as the event comes to a close, or he is left staring at the lights as Cena celebrates, the outcome does not really matter. Victory or defeat, before the match and event even begins, The Miz has already won.