Are The Vikings Done? Not So...

Adithya RamaswamyContributor ISeptember 30, 2008

Many people and critics alike seem to think that the Minnesota Vikings, who came into the season with high hopes, are in big trouble at 1-3, and are not good enough to make a run. This is an exaggeration of the current situation in Minnesota; though they are 1-3, there still is not that big a reason to be concerned. Minnesota's team is filled with Pro-Bowl caliber players: Adrian Peterson, Darren Sharper, EJ Henderson, Bernard Berrian, Jared Allen, and many more. So they most certainly have the firepower and talent on both offense and defense to be a huge threat. The reason for their less-than-impressive start to the season is because of a lack of protection of the ball and their very tough schedule.

Consider: In Week 1 versus Green Bay on Monday Night, the Vikings had three turnovers as well resulting in points for Green Bay. And they still had a great opportunity to win the game at the end, until inconsistent third year quarterback Tarvaris Jackson threw an interception at the Green Bay 30 yard-line. If that pass is on target to the wide-open Bobby Wade, Minnesota kicks the game winning field goal. In Week 2 versus Indianapolis, Minnesota Tight end Visanthe Schiancoe drops an easy touchdown catch late in the third quarter, which would have given the Vikings a 20-0 lead. Instead, they settle for a field goal and lead 15-0. Indy won the game 18-15, which brings that dropped pass back to light. In Week 3, the Vikings offense turns the ball over just once and keep Carolina's starting field position around their own 30 yard line for the entire game. The Vikings win 20-10 against the Panthers, who were 2-0 and gotten back Steve Smith after a two game suspension. In last weeks game versus Tennessee, all three of the Titans' touchdowns came off of turnovers by the Vikings on their own side of the field. This gave the Titans' offense a short field to work with, and put alot of pressure on the Minnesota defense.

All this should be enough already to see that Minnesota had a chance in every one of their games. But on top of this, one must also look at the teams they have played so far: @Green Bay, v. Indianapolis, v. Carolina, and @ Tennessee. All these teams are division leaders, and the Titans are tied for the best record in the league at 4-0. Even against these top tier teams, the Vikings average margin of loss has been 7 points, which shows that they can play and beat any team if they just keep the turnovers down. Looking ahead at the rest of their schedule, it gets for the most part easier, and they play teams which is not as competent against the run, which could open up holes for last years Rookie of the Year and Pro-Bowl MVP Adrian Peterson.

The Vikings play New Orleans next week on Monday Night, and you should expect a changing of the tide and a wining streak starting for Minnesota. So all in all, a message to Vikings Fans: RELAX.