2011 Division I NCAA Wrestling Tournament Preview and Bracketology

Jacob SchlottkeContributor IIMarch 14, 2011

The 2011 NCAA Wrestling Tournament begins Thursday in Philadelphia.  For the first time in four years there is no clear cut team champion entering the tournament and many of the weights lack a "lock."  Favorites in the team competition include Big Ten Champion, Penn State; Big Ten Runner-up, Iowa; EIWA Champion Cornell; and Big Twelve Champion, Oklahoma State.

Penn State's David Taylor looks to become an undefeated freshman national champion at 157 pounds—opening himself up for the opportunity to replicate his coach Cael Sanderson's perfect college career.

Below you can find a preview of each weight class as provided by TheWrestlingTalk's NCAA expert, Shane Jensen.


1. #1 Anthony Robles (Arizona State)
2. #2 Matt McDonough (Iowa)
3. #3 Brandon Precin (Northwestern)
4. #5 Zach Sanders (Minnesota)
5. #10 Alan Waters (Missouri)
6. #4 James Nicholson (Old Dominion)
7. #6 Nic Bedelyon (Kent State)
8. #8 Jarrod Patterson (Oklahoma)
R12. #12 Jarrod Garnett (Virginia Tech), US Mark Rappo (Penn), #7 Ryan Mango (Stanford), #8 Jon Morrison (Oklahoma State)

Semi's Matchups: Robles vs. Sanders, Precin vs. McDonough
Round of 12 Matchups: Garnett vs. Bedelyon, Rappo vs. Waters, Mango vs. Patterson, Morrison vs. Nicholson



Pre NCAA's
1. #1 Jordan Oliver (Oklahoma State)
2. #2 Andrew Hochstrasser (Boise State)
3. #3 Andrew Long (Penn State)
4. #4 Tyler Graff (Wisconsin)
5. #6 Tony Ramos (Iowa)
6. #9 Devin Carter (Virginia Tech)
7. #5 Lou Ruggirello (Hofstra)
8. #7 BJ Futrell (Illinois)
R12. #12 Kyle Hutter (Old Dominion), #8 Mike Grey (Cornell), US Frank Cagnina (Lehigh), US Garrett Drucker (Oregon State)

Semi's Matchups: Oliver vs. Graff, Long vs. Hochstrasser
Round of 12 Matchups: Hutter vs. Ramos, Grey vs. Futrell, Cagnina vs. Carter, Drucker vs. Ruggirello

Despite the fact that this is the first time he's appeared in the AA group on any of my lists this year I can't help but feel kind of validated by Tony Ramos' success over the second half of the year.

People really beat on me last summer for making the argument that he was good enough to where Iowa should have moved McDonough up.



Pre NCAA's
1. #1 Kellen Russell (Michigan)
2. #2 Mike Thorn (Minnesota)
3. #4 Jimmy Kennedy (Illinois)
4. #5 Montell Marion (Iowa)
5. #3 Boris Novachkov (Cal Poly)
6. #6 Andrew Alton (Penn State)
7. #10 Todd Schavrien (Missouri)
8. #7 Tyler Nauman (Pittsburgh)
R12. US Jon Kohler (Maryland), #8 Zack Bailey (Oklahoma), #9 Cole Von Ohlen (Air Force), #11 Matt Mariacher (American)

Semi's Matchups: Russell vs. Kennedy, Alton vs. Thorn
Round of 12 Matchups: Kohler vs. Novachkov, Bailey vs. Schavrien, Nauman vs. Von Ohlen, Mariacher vs. Marion



Pre NCAA's
1. #1 Darrion Caldwell (NC State)
2. #2 Frank Molinaro (Penn State)
3. #4 Kyle Dake (Cornell)
4. #3 Kevin LeValley (Bucknell)
5. #7 Mario Mason (Rutgers)
6. #9 Donnie Vinson (Binghamton)
7. #6 Jason Chamberlain (Boise State)
8. US Ivan Lopouchanski (UNC Greensboro)
R12. US Brian Stephens (Virginia Tech), #8 Ganbayar Sanjaa (American), #10 Kurt Kinser (Indiana), #5 Jamal Parks (Oklahoma State)

Semi's Matchups: Caldwell vs. Dake, LeValley vs. Molinaro
Round of 12 Matchups: Stephens vs. Chamberlain, Sanjaa vs. Mason, Kinser vs. Vinson, Lopouchanski vs. Parks



Pre NCAA's
1. #3 David Taylor (Penn State)
2. #1 Adam Hall (Boise State)
3. #2 Steve Fittery (American)
4. #4 Jesse Dong (Virginia Tech)
5. #6 Derek St. John (Iowa)
6. #5 Bubba Jenkins (Arizona State)
7. #8 Jason Welch (Northwestern)
8. #9 James Fleming (Clarion)
R12. #10 Daryl Cocozzo (Rutgers), #7 Bryce Saddoris (Navy), US Corey Mock (North Carolina), US Chase Nelson (Oklahoma)

Semi's Matchups: Hall vs. Dong, Taylor vs. Fittery
Round of 12 Matchups: Cocozzo vs. St. John, Welch vs. Saddoris, Mock vs. Fleming, Nelson vs. Jenkins



Pre NCAA's
1. #1 Jordan Burroughs (Nebraska)
2. #2 Andrew Howe (Wisconsin)
3. #4 Josh Asper (Maryland)
4. #5 Colt Sponseller (Ohio State)
5. #4 Tyler Caldwell (Oklahoma)
6. #9 Justin Kerber (Cornell)
7. #8 Scott Winston (Rutgers)
8. #12 Cody Yohn (Minnesota)
R12. #6 Dallas Bailey (Oklahoma State), #7 Shane Onufer (Wyoming), #10 Zach Toal (Missouri), US Peter Yates (Virginia Tech)

Semi's Matchups: Burroughs vs. Asper, Caldwell vs. Howe
Round of 12 Matchups: Yohn vs. Bailey, Kerber vs. Onufer, Toal v. Winston, Yates vs. Sponseller



Pre NCAA's
1. #1 Jon Reader (Iowa State)
2. #3 Mack Lewnes (Cornell)
3. #2 Ed Ruth (Penn State)
4. #5 Chris Henrich (Virginia)
5. #4 Colby Covington (Oregon State)
6. #7 Nick Amuchastegui (Stanford)
7. #6 Ben Bennett (Central Michigan)
8. #9 Ethen Lofthouse (Iowa)
R12. #12 Mike Benefiel (Oklahoma State), #8 Mike Letts (Maryland), US Scott Glasser (Minnesota), #11 Austin Meys (Lehigh)

Semi's Matchups: Reader vs. Henrich, Lewnes vs. Ruth
Round of 12 Match Ups: Benefiel vs. Bennett, Letts vs. Amuchastegui, Glasser vs. Lofthouse, Meys vs. Covington



Pre NCAA's
1. #3 Steve Bosak (Cornell)
2. #5 Joe LeBlanc (Wyoming)
3. #1 Chris Honeycutt (Edinboro)
4. #4 Travis Rutt (Wisconsin)
5. #2 Robert Hamlin (Lehigh)
6. #6 Ryan Loder (Northern Iowa)
7. #8 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota)
8. #7 Chris Perry (Oklahoma State)
R12. #12 Grant Gambrall (Iowa), #8 Quentin Wright (Penn State), #10 Josh Ihnen (Nebraska), US Jon Fausey (Virginia)

Semi's Matchups: Honeycutt vs. LeBlanc, Bosak vs. Hamlin
Round of 12 Matchups: Gambrall v. Loder, Wright vs. Perry, Ihnen vs. Steinhaus, Fausey vs. Rutt



Pre NCAA's
1. #4 Dustin Kilgore (Kent State)
2. #3 Trevor Brandvold (Wisconsin)
3. #1 Cam Simaz (Cornell)
4. #2 Clayton Foster (Oklahoma State)
5. #8 Matt Powless (Indiana)
6. #6 Micah Burak (Penn)
7. #9 Sonny Yohn (Minnesota)
8. US Zach Bennett (North Carolina)
R12. #5 Luke Lofthouse (Iowa), #7 Zac Thomusseit (Pittsburgh), #10 Logan Brown (Purdue), #12 Zack Giesen (Stanford)

Semi's Matchups: Simaz vs. Kilgore, Brandvold vs. Foster
Round of 12 Matchups: Lofthouse vs. Burak, Yohn vs. Thomusseit, Brown vs. Powless, Bennett vs. Giesen



Pre NCAA's
1. #1 Zach Rey (Lehigh)
2. #3 Ryan Flores (American)
3. #5 Dom Bradley (Missouri)
4. #2 Jarod Trice (Central Michigan)
5. #4 DJ Russo (Rutgers)
6. #9 Cameron Wade (Penn State)
7. #6 Ryan Tomei (Pittsburgh)
8. #10 Nathan Fernandez (Oklahoma)
R12. #12 Eric "Immortal" Bugenhagen (Wisconsin), #7 Blake Rasing (Iowa), #8 Tony Nelson (Minnesota), #11 Tucker Lane (Nebraska)

Semi's Matchups: Rey vs. Bradley, Flores vs. Trice
Round of 12 Matchups: Bugenhagen vs. Tomei, Wade vs. Rasing, Fernandez vs. Nelson, Lane vs. Russo


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