TNA Wrestling: Random Thoughts from Victory Road

Toby ShevlinContributor IMarch 14, 2011

Tommy Dreamer vs. Bully Ray > Bully vs. Devonthat's about all I got for this one.

Is it odd that TNA's crowd is chanting USA when the only Knockout from the US is on the side speaking Spanish?

Nice to see that JJ and Karen made an appearance; I needed to take a pee.

The Blueprint is supposed to be a good guy right?

TNA needs to buy a scale.  There are either too many faces or too many heelsbalance people.

I actually like Supermex’s new character.  Wrestling should toe the line of society’s current issues.  He automatically pisses off the Tea Party folks: perfect heel.

Almost an old school wrestling matchup: blue blooded white boy vs. the “foreigner”

As Tazz said, “Are you kidding me or what?” Really TNA?  I guess this feud shall continue.

Ultimate X, about time they brought it back.  There is a bit of a tease of a Gen Me feud, please do not pull a WWE and break up one of your best tag teams.

Honestly, Robbie E doesn’t piss me off nearly as much as some of IWC.  The guy is a joke character, and I treat him as such.

What’s the point of watching a PPV if all you do is talk mad shit about it?  It’s the same thought I have when Jones + 15 numbers comments on any TNA article.  Just save yourself three hours and don’t bother.

I watch WWE and love it; I watch TNA and like it. Fortune is the best stable in wrestling today.

Off the ropes into a cutter, sick by Kaz on Max

This match is why TNA gained fans pre-Hogan

The result was what I expected, but a terrific match regardless.

 I hope Gen Me stay together, and that the tease was only to make sure they did not work together.

JJ and Karen x2second pee break.  Karen Jarrett is the Michelle McCool of TNA; or is Michelle the Karen of WWE?

Beer Money might be the best tag team in wrestling today. It's debatable, but it's the best healthy team, anyway.

FYI, WWE: this is how you do a Face vs. Face matchup.

DWI is one of my favorite finishers.  WWE takes notes; a string doesn’t mean a grown man can’t enter the ring.

So now they are either breaking up Ink, Inc or they're going heel what?

Flair is overrated.

I like V1’s new character.  It incorporates his I hate WWE mentality.

AJ makes me mark out, I don’t give shit what anyone says.  Until Jericho comes back AJ is my favorite in ring competitor.

A comment I saw that made sense is why Matt keeps calling AJ “kid;” they are 4 years apart.

AJ under the rail was saweet.

Hardy submission while AJ was standing was impressive

Was the Pele on Flair for AJ or the entire IWC?

What was that by AJ? AmazingSpiral Tap according to Tenay

FYI Hogan/Bischoff haters, they brought attention to a guy like me and I now truly enjoy TNA so they did have an impact however small.

Karen/JJ x3; good thing I have overactive kidneys or I’d have to watch these vignettes

Kennedy > RVD ALL DAY

RVD is OVERRATEDcome on IWC, tell me how great he was 10 years ago

And RVD mentioned Parkour; don’t hate the Shaman of Sexy because he’s now better than you.

Point to yourself one more time and I’ll start praying that you fall off the top rope and seriously hurt yourself.

And then he hits the guardrail…HAHAHAHA

Double count out.   RVD doesn’t put someone over?  I’m sooooooo shocked.

I like Hardy as a heel.  He was never great on the mic as a face.  As a bad guy he can just flip off the fans and he gets heat.

Bischoff comes out to “change the plans” and makes the match “fair” by making it a No DQ match.

So is Hardy not going to jail this week then? 

30 second title match? Umm ok

So did Hardy hurt himself for real or is TNA just following the WWE model of ending 15 minutes early?