WWE Creature vs. Creature: The Greatest WrestleMania Ever

Jacob Waring@@Jacobin_WisdomAnalyst IIIMarch 14, 2011

Yeah, that's right folks. It's that time again for a Creature vs. Creature! For you veteran writers on the Bleacher Report that know the drill and the routine of the thrilling CvC don't really need to go to far to explain the rules and such. Now for those who are asking, "Dude, what in the blue hell is a Creature vs. Creature?" or those whom simply are fuzzy or completely forgot how it's done, I shall explain! 

Creature vs. Creature is basically a contest that a group of writers write to win the votes of their fellow peers. For example, the last Creature vs. Creature by Chinmay was about the greatest feuds ever. Writers picked a feud they thought was the greatest and then submitted it to be read by their peers to be voted upon.

So basically here how it will go done: This first article here will review the rules and regulations of the competition and revel what the topic will be written about by writers if they choose the challenge. The second article will be about who is in the competition and who's writing what as to attached people who are following the CvC. The third article will show the writer's articles with links attached so that readers(voters) can fairly vote after reading or refreshing their memory on the article. The final article will be announcing who won first, second and third place with links for all to admire articles.

Now that the necessary explanatory recap on what this edition of Creature vs. Creature is going to be about. Now since this WrestleMana season is currently taking place, this Creature vs. Creature will be about which of the 26 WrestleManias was the greatest of all time.

There are different ways you can present your argument from writing in the form of a standard article to writing a slideshow with each slide describing every epic bout on the card. The challenge is in convincing readers that your WrestleMania is the greatest out of the other 25.

Someone can make WrestleMania 14 look better than WrestleMania 17 depending one how you write it and which parts to highlight and to ignore n hopes that the reader will not think of the weak aspects on your WrestleMania.

Before you Bleacher Creatures go off on deciding which 'Mania you want to write about, I need to explain a few more things. First, if you do not write articles but after reading this want to apply, please do not participate until the next Creature vs. Creature.

From past experience, there never really is enough time to apply, wait then write the CvC article and if you get rejected then there is no chance. Since there are only 26 spots for this Creature vs. Creature due to there being only 26 'Manias, I would not want a spot taken but unused because of what I explained beforehand.

Also, please check in the comment section to make sure your pick was not chosen and if it is pick a different 'Mania if you can. After deciding post in the comment section for all to see what you picked then inboxed me your choice so I can keep track whose writing what in a neat manner in case the comment section goes haywired.

Now this is this is the moment of truth so I wish you good luck and best wishes to all who participate!

>>>>Note: Wednesday March 16, 2011 at 11:59 Eastern Time will be the deadline to decide to Participate and to pick a Mania!<<<<