The Greatest Moments in WrestleMania History: Part II

Angel CervantesContributor IIIMarch 14, 2011

The Greatest Moments in WrestleMania History: Part II

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    WrestleMania is only three weeks away and yes, even this year's event should provide several lasting images.

    Whether it's The Rock getting involved in the main event or Alberto Del Rio making his debut against Edge or Undertaker-Triple H II, something's got to give.

    Wrestling's Super Bowl is full of amazing moments, way too many for only one article. So without further ado, let's look at Part 2 of the greatest WrestleMania moments ever. 

HBK to Flair: "I'm Sorry, I Love You!"

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    In the previous article, I mentioned Shawn Michaels retiring Ric Flair. This is the same match but it is a different moment. Flair was one of HBK's biggest influences, which is why this moment is such an emotional one to watch.

    The Nature Boy made sure to tell Michaels not to take it easy on him. Well, Michaels gave Flair his best and as he prepared to hit sweet chin music on his idol, HBK could only stare at Flair and speak the words, "I'm sorry, I love you."

    Michaels then immediately hit the superkick and put an end to the career of the man he grew up idolizing. 

The Ultimate Warrior Returns to Save Hulk Hogan

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    The Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan also had a history. Just two years before, they had one of the biggest WrestleMania matches ever as Hogan passed the torch to the Warrior.

    The Warrior didn't hold on to the torch for long, as the aftermath of Summerslam 1991 led to his departure from the company.

    As Hogan and Sid's dull match came to its conclusion, all hell broke loose. Sid and Papa Shango attacked Hulk Hogan and suddenly, The Ultimate Warrior's music hit and the crowd erupted.

    The two men cleared the ring, and the event ended with both Hogan and the Warrior posing for the crowd.

Brock Lesnar Attempts a Shooting Star Press

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    Look at that picture. A man the size of Lesnar should not be able to get that high. Along with being one of the strongest men in wrestling history, Brock was also one of the most athletic.

    On any other night, Lesnar would have executed the shooting star perfectly. On the biggest stage however, the move was botched and as Taz put it, Lesnar almost killed himself.

    Even with the botch, however, it remains of the most impressive and craziest  'oh my god' moments I have ever seen. 

Jeff Hardy Breaks Through a Ladder (And Edge)

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    I guess you could say this was Jeff Hardy's payback to Edge for the spear Edge delivered six years before.

    As Jeff Hardy climbed the top of the ladder, he was distracted by brother Matt and instead changed his destination. The new destination? The ladder outside of the ring that Matt Hardy placed Edge on.

    Jeff jumped off the ladder, executing a legdrop to Edge, and breaking the ladder (and perhaps some of Edge's body parts). Both men would not finish the match. 

John Cena Celebrates Amongst His Critics

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    The group of fans at ringside were intensely anti-Cena, even going so far as to making their own anti-Cena shirts.

    As John Cena defeated Batista for the WWE Championship, half of the crowd erupted in cheers while the other intensely booed the man.

    Cena's reaction was to face his critics as he headed towards the anti-Cena mob at ringside to celebrate.

    The picture says it all, as the fans were disgusted and furious among other things; all Cena could do was laugh it off.  

The Crowd Trashes the Brock Lesnar-Goldberg Match

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    The match between the two behemoths had so much expectations. The two men failed to deliver on all of them as just a few days before the event, word had leaked that both men were leaving the company and the match against each other would be both of their final matches.

    The crowd wanted nothing to do with either man, and it became apparent that both men did not know how to react to the hostile crowd.

    The only saving grace was guest referee Steve Austin. The crowd went wild as the match finally finished and Austin's stunnered both Brock and Goldberg out of the company. 

Triple H and Chyna Reunite and Turn on D-X

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    Chyna had recently left Triple H to join Vince McMahon's corporation. The long-time couple reunited however on the big stage after the Triple H-Kane match.

    It appeared all was great with D-X as all five members stood united during X-Pac's pre-match promo.

    As the X-Pac-Shane McMahon match came to an end, Triple H's and Chyna's intentions became clear as they cost X-Pac the match and then attacked The New Age Outlaws as well.

    Triple H and Chyna had reunited and turned against their D-X stablemates, all in one night. 

The Ultimate Warrior No-Sells the Pedigree and Squashes Triple H

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    If you blinked, you missed it. That's how quick the match was. Triple H quickly attacked the Warrior and hit him with the pedigree, a second after Triple H's knees his the mat, The Ultimate Warrior stood up and began to shake like a maniac.

    A Gorilla Press Slam later and the match was over. Triple H's career would recover of course, and the Warrior would never appear at WrestleMania again.

    By the way, look how much smaller Triple H was in that picture (looks like someone stuck him in the dryer).  

Edge Spears Mick Foley Through Fire

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    Mick Foley's WrestleMania moment and defining match still eluded him. It's safe to say that he received both at WrestleMania 22 against Edge.

    As the match was coming to an end, Edge's lover/manager Lita set the table outside of the ring on fire.

    Foley stood on the apron and the Rated R Superstar quickly dove through the ropes, spearing the hardcore icon through the table and the fire. It was a breath-taking moment that will live forever. 

Edge Spears Jeff Hardy

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    Jeff Hardy attempted to claim the tag team title belts that were suspended 20 feet above the ring, however, there was one small problem: Bubba Ray Dudley removed the ladder from under Jeff Hardy's legs. Hardy was forced to hang on the wires that held the titles.

    At the same time, Edge began to climb the ladder on the other side of the ring. As Jeff Hardy swung back and forth on the wire, Edge dove off his ladder and speared his opponent.

    The crowd, already on their feet, went even more insane as they couldn't believe what they had just seen. 

Your Favorite Moments

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    So close to this year's WrestleMania...getting more amped by the day.

    What are some of the moments that you feel deserve mention? What are some of your favorite WrestleMania moments?