WWE Breaking News: Top Superstar Requests His Release with a Threat?

Graham GSM MatthewsFeatured ColumnistMarch 12, 2011

Could we finally see the end of Rey Mysterio?
Could we finally see the end of Rey Mysterio?

In a shocking turn of events, former World Heavyweight Champion Rey Mysterio has requested his contractual release from WWE along with a threat of his own for WWE management. Here's the full story as provided by wrestlenewz.com:

"We’re still waiting on more details to come in but Rey Mysterio recently requested his release from WWE and told officials that he would retire if they did not grant his wish. We don’t know when Rey made the request but do know it was before WWE’s big Sin Cara press conference two weeks ago in Mexico. Stay tuned for more."


GSM's Thoughts

Am I sensing some jealousy here?

If the report is true, I'm not too surprised to see Mysterio somewhat jealous of all the buzz about Sin Cara's WWE signing. Does this mean Mysterio wasn't too happy about allowing Alberto Del Rio to go over in their feud as well?

Rey Mysterio has always been known for complaining to management.

In summer 2009, Dolph Ziggler was originally supposed to win the Intercontinental Championship from Rey Mysterio at "Night of Champions." But the decision was reversed just to keep Mysterio happy. Ziggler could have been World Champion by now if his push came earlier.

Another example: this past summer when Rey Mysterio won the World Championship for a second time at the "Fatal Four Way" pay-per-view event in June. Once again, the title was given to Mysterio just to keep him satisfied, even if his pitiful reign only lasted three weeks.

Personally, I wouldn't mind if Mysterio retired. We've seen him feud with almost everyone in the business (with the exceptions of Sheamus, Barrett and Cena), so he doesn't have many years left in him anyway.

He's injury-prone, and it would be better to make room for the fresh Sin Cara a.k.a. Mistico. I honestly doubt that if this report proves to be true Mysterio's release will not be granted.

He's one of the hottest babyfaces in the company! Well, for kids mostly. I for one am sick of seeing him bury people like CM Punk, Jack Swagger and Del Rio. Hopefully Rhodes doesn't meet the same fate.

If Mysterio does indeed retire (which obviously wouldn't be anytime in the near future), I would love nothing more than to see him feud with Sin Cara. Especially if it meant turning Mysterio heel.

Knowing WWE, they wouldn't have the guts to turn Mysterio heel, as he's beloved by children. That's almost as unlikely as seeing Cena turn heel.

But come on. Imagine if Mysterio turned into a villain and cut a promo saying how every time he touched masks with a child in the crowd, it would make him vomit in his mask.

How awesome would that be?

Hopefully, these reports prove to be true so I can finally see the end of the reign of Rey Mysterio.

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