Michael Cole Buries an Entire Division—Way to Go, WWE!

Renee GerberCorrespondent IMarch 28, 2017

Here we go again, Bleachers. Time to get something off my chest—again.

This past Monday on RAW, I witnessed something that utterly disgusted me. I'd gotten a small peek at it before, during Season Three of NXT, when the show featured all rookie divas.

What occurred during NXT was bad enough...but for it to happen live on RAW, during an actual championship match was sickening and infuriating at the same time.

I'm of course referring to the Divas Championship match, when current champion Eve defended the title against Nikki Bella. Michael Cole had the absolute nerve to stand up and interrupt the match, verbally crapping all over it, the title, the two women in the ring, Gail Kim and Brie Bella at ringside, and the entire WWE women's division as a whole.

Cole ranted and raved, ordering that the match be stopped, and this happened before it was even halfway through! It was the most disgusting display I'd seen in a couple of weeks (the other was Sheamus being buried by a newly-returned Triple H for basically no reason—I don't buy the "revenge" excuse, since it's obvious Trips is having nothing to do with Sheamus since he's so focused on the Undertaker—but that's another story). Oh, sure, we've seen the divas disgraced by having to partake in idiotic gimmick matches, or by being made to do dance-offs and bullriding contests, but this was something I never expected to see.

Right, we didn't have seasoned veterans like Melina or Beth Phoenix in the ring, and it was Eve and one of the Bellas, who are still relative newcomers in comparison, but it was still ridiculous and horrible nonetheless. A friend of mine was discussing this topic recently, and he pointed out that Nikki Bella looked legitimately furious—and who could blame her? Novices or not, those women did not deserve the treatment they received.

Is this how little the WWE regards its female talent? Again, I'm sure some of you will point out that it was "only" Eve and a Bella, but think about it this way—would you be happy if something like this happened to you, if someone blatantly disrespected you and basically crapped all over you the way Michael Cole did to them?

It's a fair bet to say that the divas were all in the know about what was going to happen before the match took place. Still, that doesn't exactly sweeten what happened. Also, although I can't stand him, I don't place the blame on Cole. Guaranteed, it goes as high as ol' Vinnie Mac himself. He has shown what little regard he has for the women's division, with only a select few divas ever being taken seriously. Had Stephanie McMahon been in charge, that "lovely" little interruption and utter disregard for the divas never would have occurred.

Just wanted to get all of that off my chest...and I hope at least some of you agree with me!