WWE's Mismanagment of Talent

Theodore GreenContributor ISeptember 29, 2008

Right off the bat, lets go through a list of misused talent.

1. Mark Henry; 2. Chavo G. ; 3. Kane; 4. Shelton B. ; 5. Charlie Haas

OK, first of all, the WWE is always complaining that they don't have enough big time Heels. Remember when Mark Henry was facing Undertaker? What a spectacular rivalry that was. Having Henry dominated Future Hall of Famers like U. was catapulting his career and it was so believable.

Mark Henry is the single most dominant force in WWE. Period. Don't give me Kali; He is stronger and faster than Kali. Plus he can talk on the mic a little. Bottom line, he should just be roaming to and fro looking for fresh meat, like a Silver-back should.

Next, Chavo. Look I know the man isn't the most well liked person now, but that was WWE's fault. After one of my favorite wrestler's died in Eddy, Chavo literally could have used that to become an icon. Everyone knows that other than maybe Shelton B. Chavo can out-wrestle anyone on any roster, he is charismatic and call talk on the mic. If I was Chavo, I would go to TNA and become a superstar with his father.

Next Kane, after the series with Shane McMahon years ago, where they have the top 10 rivalries of all time in my book, Kane was as high as he was going to be. He is like Mark Henry only with a different gimmick. Naturally a heel and should still be in a mask, or have gone back to one by now.

I don't know how to describe this. Kane right now is something like a three time tag champ and a one time Heavyweight champ and Intercontinental champ. Does that sound like a Big Red Monster to you? Not even close. Absolutely wasted by WWE.

Shelton B. Damn. I mean just damn. Singly the most talented wrestler on the roster other than Orton. I don't care what you have to do, send him to a speech class, whatever, he should be champ by now. If they weren't treating Triple H like Thor than maybe there might be room for a Shelton B. to get his shot. Just damn.

What are they waiting for? He is in the best gimmick of his career, "The Gold Standard" He is strong, quick, a wrestling purest, everything you want to have in a wrestling he has except maybe a little best mic skills. But you have to work with what you have. Period.

People may laugh at this, but my next guy is Charlie Haas. He should be the next Mr. Perfect, or Beniot or somebody like that.  A clean cut, in shape, wrestling purest should be utilized quickly or his believability as a wrestler goes quickly. He would honestly make a great European champ.

But that is way down the road if WWE goes back that way. Speaking of European champs, another guy that WWE is constantly overlooking is William Regal. If you watch any of his matches, the man is a beast. He has charisma up the wazoo and can wrestle. Looks good in a suit and robes. He is simply great, but WWE is so much about politics it overlooks guys like him.

Lastly, I wish I could make a case for Elijah Burke. I think that ECW sorely misses him. He still has the greatest ECW highlight with the Elijah Express into Sabu's back through a table. Side note: That was freakin' awesome. He has the total package. I believe that other than Chris Jericho and Triple H, he has the next highest amount of charisma and his talent is almost equal to that.

Bottomline. WWE can do better. Fans don't care about politics. Actually, we are kinda getting tired of seeing the same stuff all the time. Duh, we know it's fake. There is only two things to counteract that. One, add more of real life drama into WWE, which they are already doing. Second, get the younger talent the title, no matter what. Share it.

Agree or disagree?