NBA: Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers, Fourth Quarter in Real Time

wes burdenContributor IMarch 10, 2011

If only it was like this all night....
If only it was like this all night....Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

As an ode to my favorite sportswriter Bill Simmons, this is my first attempt at a running diary. We pick it up in the fourth quarter of the Los Angeles Lakers at the Miami Heat.

12:00. Bynum finishes the put back to put my team up 72-68. I always wonder what would have happened if the trade for J-Kidd would have went through, or if they traded him to Denver for Carmelo a few weeks ago.

Would a three-peat be possible if it wasn't for Big B in the middle? Would you believe he has been in three separate trade talks and is only 23?

If Lakers fans had one wish for this team, I think it would be to have Kobe at age 27 every year for all of eternity. Wishing Andrew Bynum could stay healthy to see what he could really do would be up at the top of that list as well.

10:55. Mike Bibby hits the three. How Miami fell into this skeletal corpse of a man, I will always wonder.

9:40. As soon as I verbally assault someone, Bibby hits another three; Miami leads 76-73.

How many players in this day and age will give up $6 million guaranteed to play for a contender? If that option was available to yours truly, in the words of Vince McMahon, "It's all about the moneeeeeyyyyyy!!"

9:00. Loose-ball dive by Chris Bosh, and he finds one of the 10,000 empty seats in the AAA. Even with the Heatles in town, they still can't even reach capacity.

8:45. Odom with the layup, and they cut straight to his wife, Khloe Kardashian. Or does she go by Kardashian-Odom?

The kinds of questions one must ponder when two strangers meet at a party, get married three weeks later, then come out with their own perfume. I'm running low on some spray, maybe Passion or whatever it's called could be my next option. Lakers up by one.

7:09. After some Heat FTs, Big Z fouls Bynum on a loose ball.

If you look at Z, you wonder how he is still able to get up and down the floor. The guy's knees almost touch whenever he moves!

6:10. Nice ball movement from Miami, finding Wade in the corner for the miss. Too bad. I haven't even written about The King yet.

5:50. After being left on his own island, Pau Gasol nails the smooth 18-footer, tying it at 80.

This guy has all the tools for someone who looks like the Lakers just pulled off a busy street corner in Miami. I think this is how that convo would go down:

Phil: "Hey, you look pretty tall and hungry, can you shoot a jumper combined with a nice sky hook?"  

Homeless Pau: "As long as I'm fed, I can be whoever you want me to be."

One other note, Kobe Bryant with the assist. I think that guy has something special going for him.

5:00. D-Wade with another nice penetration move for the score. How many penetration references can be said in one NBA game? What's the over/under?

4:25. After a Gasol layup, Wade with another drive. I'm thinking we need to make sure LeBron gets the ball come crunch time.

4:00. Bryant with another three. He is just an assassin in these types of situations. Nobody can do it better, better (sing it out loud, it makes sense).

2:50. Didn't realize how hard it is to type a running diary on a game that has had no time stops. This is too hard to do for a slow typer like myself, so bear with me.

2:15. Kobe nails a 35-foot jumper to tie it at 88.

Did I mention he is one of the best players in the history of the NBA?

He tries to take over way too many games, but when he does, boy is he unstoppable. Plus he has one of the greatest "scowl look on the face, giving the most evil look to rich guy in the front row" grimaces ever.

1:27. As I was completely boasting Kobe as an all-time great, LeBron comes down and, "THROWS THE HAMMER DOWN!!!"

Oh wait, I think that was said last year in a game of this magnitude.

Heat up 90-88, timeout LA.

1:10. Leave it to Ron Artest to take an ill-advised three-pointer when it is not necessary. How can we get rid of this guy? Calling David Kahn as we speak...

0:45 D-Wade on the isolation, breaks by Kobe and makes the off-balanced finger roll with Gasol in his face.

Heat up by four, followed by the patented Phil Jackson timeout and his pissed-off face.

Still, LeBron should always get the ball if they are down in the last seconds of a game.

0:19. After some untimely fouls, LBJ gets to the line to put Miami up by six. I think this one is all over folks.

:00. Following a few missed three-point attempts, the Lakers' bid for a comeback comes up short, and Miami wins 94-88.

Leave it to LA to be the team that ends the Heat's five-game losing streak. I am disappointed in the loss because now the Heat's bandwagon will be filled up once again.

They played an almost turnover-less fourth and held on for a must-win game. I think the Heat wanted it a little more tonight, and the 8,000 fans there in support of the Heat sure helped as well. Coach Spo was smiling from ear-to-ear, so he must know that his job is finally secure for defeating the Lakers on national TV once again.

I don't think there are any other games the Heat will be playing where he can once again make that claim (meaning, they still won't make the Finals).