Lewis Hamilton: Is He Really Arrogant?

Adam PooleAnalyst ISeptember 29, 2008

Lewis Hamilton, wonder boy, driving god. Whatever you call him, I bet at some point, whilst listening to him at interviews or press conferences, you have thought, "He is a bit confident and cocky."

I am a huge Hamilton fan, and will be the first to admit that sometimes he does come across as arrogant, cocky, and over confident. However I, as many people who have read his book, now understand where this sharp exterior comes from.

Many people say that Lewis comes across like he does all the work on a race weekend and rarely mentions the team. I find this to be unfair and inaccurate. 

On numerous occasions, I have found myself listening to him during interviews and counting how many times he comments on "team work" or thanks the mechanics, Ron Dennis, or those people we don't see on race day. I can tell you now, I have lost count!

An exercise for those of you who believe he is arrogant and self centered then: Next time you hear him, in a post-race press conference or on TV doing an interview, actually listen to what he says. He is grateful of the team behind him. I will bet, if you do so, you will come out with a different view.

Hamilton does often say "I must do this" or "I did this," but always ends his point by saying, "That's what me and the team have to work on," or, "Thanks to the team I managed to do this." 

I believe this shows that he knows, in his heart of hearts, that no matter how good he is behind a wheel, that wheel wouldn't be there if it wasn't for McLaren and the mechanics in Woking.

As for confidence, in such a competitive sport as Formula 1, if he ever said, "Oh, I'm not sure we are going to do well today!" Or, "It's a bit wet, we might have an accident if we aren't careful," I believe other teams and drivers would see him as weak and exploit him to the best of their ability.

All I am saying is he is young, ambitious, talented, and always ready to give his point of view. You name me an F1 driver, past or present, that hasn't been, or isn't all of those things.

As I said before, just listen to what he says, not how he says it...