WWE Hall of Fame 2011: The Good and Bad for This Year's Class

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIMarch 10, 2011

Now, I'm just gonna lay it down straight. You know me people, I'm a straight shooter and give my opinion no matter what. For this, I am beloved by many but hated by others.

I've been very busy as of late, and have some projects coming up that I think many will like. More on that as it comes about. But in any case, I've gotta get some things off my chest.

This year's Wrestlemania was supposed to be WCW-themed from what many of us were told, right? I mean, it is in Atlanta, a very wonderful wrestling town. I live in Alabama, so obviously when I think of the best wrestling, I think of the southern style.

I guess this is why I try and watch TNA. It makes my eyes bleed on occasion, but I still try. But, to my point. WCW, as many of us know, had it's main base in Atlanta, with Ted Turner who owned the company along with the Atlanta Braves and many film companies and channels. Sadly, Turner and Time Warner, who he merged with in 1996 which was huge for both companies, ended up doing what they thought was a good idea at the time, but it turned drastic.

When Turner Broadcasting System, Inc, merged with Time Warner Inc. it was considered one of the best business moves of the day. Turner ended up getting massively rich out of it and kept buying stock as the vice chairman. Turner became the companies biggest stock holders.

This was a brilliant move, but yet the company realized that they could make more if they merged with AOL. AOL was a growing company and "the future". Time Warner knew if they merged, it would mean big business. However, upon the merger, stock dropped massively in the wake of it, costing what is said to be $7 billion dollars lost for Turner.

Turner stepped down as Vice Chairman in 2006. And when asked if he'd ever buy back his former assets, he replied he can't afford them now. Ouch!

AOL obviously did not want to have anything to do with pro-wrestling after the merger, despite it garnering some of the best ratings of any show on TV. In fact, WCW was getting such good ratings, a wrestler from there could appear on a show and that show's views would go up.

In any case, AOL obviously wanted some of Turner's companies but not WCW. Because AOL merged and were the main stock holders in the move, they could have the right to buy and sell companies despite Turner's vote of yay or nay.

So, they ended up selling WCW to Vince McMahon in early 2001, just months after the merger. It was estimated that WCW was a billion dollar business, however AOL's executives didn't believe this, as they thought it was low brow, and just soap opera garbage on TV. So, they sold it for a few million. One of the billions Turner lost was due to WCW being sold so cheap.

Vince McMahon has never looked back on WCW after the Invasion storyline. In fact, most of WCW's legacy has been buried now, the only hint we see of WCW is the World Heavyweight and US Titles. WWE loves going to WCW's former home of Atlanta, but never really pays tribute to it.

So, when Wrestlemania 27 was set for Atlanta, many fans were under the speculation some WCW theme would come about. However, not even the Hall of Fame has anything to do with WCW other than the fact that maybe a few of it's inductees spent a short time there.

It's led by the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels, who does deserve to be in, no question. But, it's really upsetting that no big-time WCW name is even thrown out there. In fact, two men who have had great WCW legacies have recently rejoined WWE but no announcement has been made of them going into the Hall this year yet.

Kevin Nash said he would be at the HOF to see his friend Shawn Michaels get inducted, but he has since said nothing on if he would be going in or not.

Jim Duggan, another legendary name, is also going in. Now, I may not be a fan of this man, but his career has been pretty good. He does deserve the Hall, but this year? Now, he has had some WCW ties. He held the WCW US Title and WCW TV Title. But he is more so known for his WWE ties.

"Bullet" Bob Armstrong who is obviously one who deserves the Hall too. His NWA days are considered legendary. He held numerous regional championships within NWA in the territory days. He was said to be one of the best of his time. But did he deserve to go in THIS year? Probably not. Especially when a few other WCW names, who could go in this year, have not.

Last, but not least, for the announced names is Tammy Lynn Sytch, aka Sunny. She is said to be the first real DIVA in the WWE. Now, this much can be considered true. However, is she deserving of the Hall this year? I don't think so.

Now, I can think of several Divas I'd put ahead of her. Such as Trish Stratus, Lita, Ivory, Jazz, Chyna, etc. However, there are two I'd put ahead of her who were both during and before her time. That would be Miss Elizabeth and Sable. Elizabeth has many WCW ties and would be perfect for this year's Hall of Fame.

I can understand why WWE would be afraid to put her in, because of her ties with Randy Savage. But, the Savage issues seem to of been resolved, so that's why she deserves it more than Sunny.

Now, this is not a slam at Sunny. She is very memorable. But, she's done about as much as the Bella Twins have, which is nothing other than being downloaded from the Internet a lot. She has a WCW tie, but it's not much. So, that's not enough for me to want her in for what was believed to be a WCW-themed Hall of Fame.

But even without the theme, it's a travesty she is going in before better talent. Sable alone, if you don't put in Elizabeth, deserves the Hall more, as she both managed talent and wrestled, even won the Women's Title. She was considered one of the better managers in her day, but forgettable among others during her time.

I wouldn't put her in my top 5 Diva's of all time, or top 10. Sure, she was beautiful back in the day, and still is a pretty woman. But, that's all she ever was. Is that worth the Hall of Fame? I don't think so. Sure, call her the "first Diva" if you will, but had that of been someone else, Sunny wouldn't even be discussed for the Hall at this point.

Now, the people I'd get in for the Hall next would be Arn Anderson and Ron Simmons. Because Booker T. and Kevin Nash are two of the bigger names, and would take away from the top name HBK, they are better saved for next year.

Both Anderson and Simmons deserve the nod, plus they have WCW ties. So, these two would be perfect to end this year's class.

But, am I wrong B/R faithful? Should I care that there is hardly any WCW ties for this year's Mania? Or am I wrong about my opinions regarding the inductees thus far? Plus, who would you put in if you controlled the Hall this year?