WWE Burning Questions: Part One of My New Series

Parker KlynContributor IMarch 10, 2011

WWE Burning Questions: Part One of My New Series

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    Welcome to the first installment of WWE Burning Questions! I've been surprised by the fanatical response to my debut article, and I'm excited to get started!

    In this article, we'll see my thoughts on the returns of great superstars, how I think the match between Randy Orton and CM Punk will go, and many more.

    So sit back, and I'll answer your burning questions.

Question No. 1

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    What do you think of all the returns lately, such as Diesel, Booker T, The Rock, JBL, Stone Cold Steve Austin, etc.?

    For the immediate future and response, I think it was a wonderful idea. These people sell tickets. The most recent episodes of Smackdown! and RAW have been hugely successful, and I believe that it will make for a great Wrestlemania.

    However, for the distant future, it was a bad idea. There are currently two main-eventers in WWE that weren't in the position last year: The Miz and Alberto Del Rio. WWE has to start selling new superstars before all the current ones retire.

Question No. 2

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    Do you think CM Punk will defeat Randy Orton at Wrestlemania?

    To be frank, no. I do not believe CM Punk will defeat Randy Orton. Wrestlemania is a time where wins by faces abound, and this year should be no different. This match is this year's version of Triple H versus Sheamus, and who won last year? That's what I thought.

    Randy Orton is one of the few true main-eventers in WWE, while I don't believe CM Punk has completely solidified his position among the top.

Queston No. 3

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    Does WWE like their top superstars bald?

    I believe that in order to get into character, wrestlers have to go with either of the extremes: long hair or almost no hair at all. If you notice, few superstars have medium-length hair.

Question No. 4

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    Which of these superstars will be in the main event next: Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler, or John Morrison?

    I'll go with the one who, in my opinion, has already been in it: Wade Barrett. While Dolph and John are good, Wade Barrett has the better promo skills, and this will propel him to the top.

Question No. 5

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    How would you help the tag team division?

    The answer is simple: make more tag teams. There are many different combinations of superstars who could be successful. I'll give you my favorites:

    Sheamus and Wade Barrett

    Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler

    Big Show and Rey Mysterio

    CM Punk and Mason Ryan

    R-Truth and Percy Watson


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    Please ask more questions by inboxing me or commenting in the section below.

    Thanks again!