College Football Upset Special: What's Your Cure For The Post-Loss Blues?

Trey JonesCorrespondent ISeptember 29, 2008

If history repeats itself, and it looks like we are well on our way to doing so, the 2008 version of the “Great 2007 College Football Top 25 Bloodletting” is already in full swing!


Are the lucky teams the ones that got stung early this year?  Will those teams feeling the post-loss blues this week see brighter days at the end of an upset driven season?  Or will things take a turn for the normal i.e. will teams actually start playing the way we expect them to—leaving early season broken hearts left out to dry by seasons end…


Regardless of what lies ahead this year, fans all across the country are dealing with, or preparing to deal with, being on the down side of an upset.  As I thought more about this I wondered how others deal with a loss of this nature. 


For some it’s as simple as starting to think about the game next week—for many it requires a multitude of well-rehearsed recovery steps…So, in an attempt to console myself I thought it would be an interesting exercise to learn how my fellow college football brethren deal with a big game loss and ask them to share their recovery antics with their peers. 


Now, before I get any responses telling me to get a life, or to focus my thoughts on issues of importance beyond college football, let me just say that I am a narrow minded SEC sports fan trying to occupy a few hours of my life until the next game starts on Saturday.


Having been reminded, again last Saturday, that my Gators are but mere mortals I found myself thrust back into the all too familiar area known as the “Tragic Loss Recovery Zone” or TLRZ for short.  College football fans may call it by other names but we all know it as the post-lost funk.


I became familiar with TLRZ back in the 90’s when Spurrier’s Gators started winning games and beating teams that habitually trounced us in the past.  The mindset of Gator fans everywhere changed…we actually expected our team to win and win often.  The downside to this success was that each defeat really started to hurt, and hurt badly.  No longer were we willing to simply shrug off a loss and repeat our mantra, “just wait until next year…”. 


I’ve dealt with TLRZ in different ways over the years but several things have stood the test of time…


After a loss, I usually get a call from my Father, a rabid Gator fan, who explains to me, in fascinating detail, how his latest conspiracy theory proves that someone or something orchestrated a series of events denying a Gator victory.


After a loss, I cannot watch ESPN until the pro football guys get cranked up on Sunday.  The replays look worse than the real thing…


After a loss, I cannot look at the Sunday sports page. 


After a loss, I immediately have to send out obligatory email congratulating the winners.  I do this to preempt them from sending me video clips, sympathy eCards, etc.


After a loss, I threaten to toss my lucky shirt and socks…I never really toss them but I have gotten close on a few occasions.


After a loss, I swear never to take college football so seriously. 


After a loss, I end up taking college football more seriously!


After a loss, I need a high calorie meal preferably made up of pork products, anything deep fried in grease, and plenty of some nasty (as in good nasty) sauce to smother everything, and lots of adult beverages.

So, if you dare, share with the rest of us how you deal with a loss.  If it’s no big deal to you when your team loses then consider yourself very lucky—in a very sad sort of way.