Taking a Look Inside The Young Twins Starting Pitching

Joey ColemanContributor ISeptember 29, 2008

If the Minnesota Twins are able to make the playoffs.  One of the main reasons will be the consistency of the young starters.  Night after Night these five starters have came out and given the twins six to seven innings constantly. 

Francisco Liriano the so called ace of this staff.  Coming back from injury he has pitched very effectively on most nights.   He has only pitched 76 innings this year, but has been solid for most of the part since coming up from Rochester in august.  He has a 3.91 ERA, but that is kind of misleading because of his first three starts in the majors he got hit pretty heavy.  Since then he has pitched great for the Twins.

Scott Baker the oldest guy on the starting staff at 27.  He has been the biggest inning eater for the Twins.  He has pitched 172 innings in only 28 starts.  He's averaging a lil over a six and one third innings every fifth day.  This is been huge for the Twins with the bullpen not being as good as usual with the injuries.  He has a wonderful 3.45 ERA with a 11-4 record. 

Nick Blackburn has probably the second best stuff on the rotation behind Liriano's.  He has the most Innings pitched and the most games started.  He's thrown 187 innings in 32 starts.  Not as good, as Baker's but still a very solid six innings a game.  He's led the team in ERA for most of the year, but lately has been giving up more runs then usually.  He will finish the year with 4.14 ERA. 

Glen Perkins is the wild card of the rotation.  He has the best record of the Twins with a 12-4 record.  He does have the worst ERA on the team, though with a 4.41 ERA.  He is a reliever turned starter, so he does not pitch over five to six innings a game.  He pitches the most to contact out of all the starters, so its not surprise he has given up the most hits on the Twins rotation.  In my opinion, he will be the one left out of the Twins playoff rotation with the least experience and just switching from reliever to starter this year.  He has shown a little bit of wear and tear down the stretch and should be able to solidify the Twins bullpen.

Kevin Slowey has went above and beyond all expectations this year.   He is one of the best strike out pitcher on the Twins.  He has pitched 160 innings in 27 games started.  A solid five to six innings every game he starts.  He is probally the second most inconsistent pitcher on the Twins.  He'll have one great game and then a kind of bad game.  He has a solid 3.99 ERA he should be on the Twins playoff rotation as a guy who can have a great game.  I see him as a game three starter if the Twins are up in the series.

The Twins pitchers have been some of the most consistent usually giving at least five to six innings.  If the Twins should make the playoffs it will be real interesting to see what these young guys can do in the playoffs. 

The rotation for the playoff series i see as this is in this order.  Scott Baker,Fransisco Liriano, Kevin Slowey, and Nick Blackburn.

Update on White Sox game.  One to One going into the bottom of the fifth.  Tigers just blew a chance to score some runs with men on first and third no out.