WWE WrestleMania 27: My WrestleMania 27 Experience

Randy ReedContributor IIApril 4, 2011

The Georgia Dome was so packed!
The Georgia Dome was so packed!

A few articles ago, I questioned whether or not I would enjoy my WrestleMania experience.  I concluded that I would, but only because of the excitement that comes from attending an event with the magnitude of WrestleMania. 

I figured that the matches themselves would be lacking because of the mediocre booking going into the event.  Well, I have to admit, I was wrong.  Every single match on the card was entertaining, even though Cole and Lawler was a bit of a letdown. 

I started my weekend off by attending WWE Axxess.  If you guys have not ever gone to WWE Axxess it truly is an amazing experience that can be appreciated by anyone, not just wrestling fans. 

I have a few pictures on my blog that you guys can access by clicking here if interested in seeing some of my WrestleMania weekend in Atlanta.

The Rock, visually, was a big part of my weekend.  His picture was everywhere!  My parents told me that the city had been buzzing all week about the Rock’s appearance at WrestleMania and all the hype was justified, as he really did deliver at WrestleMania. 

The Georgia Dome was on fire for the Rock during his opening act!  As a matter of fact, it got so loud a few times that I had to cover my ears, the sound was deafening.

The overall booking of the show was nearly perfect.  Opening with the Rock was the perfect way to begin because he charged the fans in a way that lasted for the entire duration of the show.  The championship match being booked first really surprised people, but in a good way. 

The skits were entertaining and made a majority of the fans laugh, and every match was enjoyable.

Out of all the matches, the most enjoyable was HHH vs. Undertaker.  I have been to quite a few wrestling events and have never, with the exception of Hogan vs. Goldberg at the Georgia Dome, emotionally connected with a match at a live event like I did with HHH/Undertaker.

A match I now consider it to be one of the greatest WrestleMania matches of all time.

By the time HHH vs. Undertaker had gotten underway, I realized how split the fans were in regards to their allegiances.  With the exception of the four man tag and “Snooki” match, there was not a fan favorite in any of the matches. 

The faces were cheered because they were genuinely liked, but I'm not so sure that the heels were cheered for the same reason.  My gut feeling is that there is a general resentment from some WWE fans to not cheer any performer WWE creative has designated as a fan favorite for the sole purpose of being defiant. 

This divide could cause some marketing problems for the WWE if it has not already done so. These same defiant fans tend be older males from the attitude era seeking a more edgier product, who, themselves, are edgier and to parents attending with their children inappropriately vocal.   

When an older guy next to me last night tried to start a “F” you Cena chant a mother in front of me with two small children became noticeably irritated and covered both of their ears.

On a final note, the best thing about attending WrestleMania last night was that I was able to do so with my father.  Looking around at the fans in attendance I noticed all of the families and couples in attendance and how much fun the entire show was for everyone. 

I remember going to the shows during the Attitude Era and I have been to a few during the PG era and have found that the PG era shows overall are a better experience. 

The WWE is positioning itself as a family oriented brand, so if PG content is what it takes for a general audience to enjoy WWE live events, and if that means future, memorable experiences like the one I had last night with my father, then keep your attitude era and I will stick with the PG.

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