WWE Hall of Fame: 10 Active Wrestlers Overlooked as Potential Future Inductees

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IMarch 10, 2011

WWE Hall of Fame: 10 Active Wrestlers Overlooked as Potential Future Inductees

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    On the road to WrestleMania and as a part of the biggest weekend of the year in the world of wrestling, there is another annual tradition, the Hall-of-Fame ceremony.

    Year after year, one big name is inducted into the WWE Hall-of-Fame, and some other legends in their own are also added to the induction list.

    This year, Shawn Michaels is the leader of the class. And, so far, we know the names of three other wrestling personalities who will make it in HBK's shadow.

    "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, "Bullet" Bob Armstrong and Sunny all deserve their spot, there is no doubt, but they are not in Michaels' league.

    Not many automatically associate Duggan to the Hall-of-Fame unlike someone like Stone Cold or Hulk Hogan who are obvious picks. It's not a matter of disrespect for those who are not the leaders of their class, but some choices are not always obvious and that is where I want to go in the following slideshow.

    The Undertaker, Triple H, John Cena and some others already have their guaranteed first-class ticket for a future Hall-of-Fame ceremony. However, there are also some other wrestlers of less magnitude who will accompany the sure things.

    Obviously many names will be missing and I hope to hear from you in the comment section about who should be on the list. I wanted to keep it at 10 to only get my actual sure picks and to avoid the easy way by getting it to 20.

    So, let's see who I think have a good chance to make it into the WWE Hall-of-Fame eventually. 

10. Kofi Kingston

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    It is a long shot, but he could make it if he can get an actual push and not be stopped mid-way. If he ever makes it to the main event status, he could do wonders in the mid-card division and give back some prestige to the Intercontinental Championship.

    Obviously Kingston will have to improve his mic skills or get a manager to talk the talk. But he has amazing in-ring talent, with unique abilities and he is over with the fans.

    He already proved he could have a more brutal side when he feuded shortly with Randy Orton in 2009-10, so a heel turn could do wonders.  

9. Daniel Bryan

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    Daniel Bryan is an "Internet Darling" for a good reason: because he is a great wrestler. He is currently one of best technicians in the world and his overall in-ring skills are hard to match.

    He just might have some hidden charisma, and if he is put in entertaining storylines, we might discover it. His personality is somewhat boring since he joined WWE but he can be so much more than just that guy who looks so uncomfortable with ladies.

    Bryan has already shown he could be actually entertaining with some interesting personas and mannerisms. If he could have some creative freedom, he could become a huge draw and a World Champion.

8. Mark Henry

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    If Koko B. Ware or Big John Studd could get a spot into the Hall-of-Fame, why not Mark Henry? At least he won two championships with the company.

    He is a one-time European Champion and he won the ECW in a triple-threat match against Kane and Big Show, two certain future Hall-of-Famers.

    Henry also battled some of the biggest names in the business on the stage of many pay-per-views, which is not given to everyone. He even became The Undertaker's fourteenth victim on the Grandest Stage Of Them All in 2005.

    Vince McMahon loves his big strong men, especially when they are as loyal as Henry. So, he should get his spot along the likes of Ivan Putski and The Junkyard Dog. 

7. Wade Barrett

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    It may be early to talk about the Hall-of-Fame for Barrett, but he didn't win the inaugural season of NXT for nothing. He had his WWE Title shot and he held his own better than many others when he feuded with John Cena.

    Barrett was also the leader of the "original" Nexus when they made a huge early impact that eventually faded away. He then moved on to form a new stable known as The Corre in which he claims there is no leader.

    He possesses all the tools to become a permanent main eventer and a World Champion. Creative didn't "burn" him by giving him a World Championship too early. Apparently, they want to build him slowly and give him all the credibility he needs to climb the ladder in WWE.

6. Melina

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    She is a five-time Women/Diva Champion and her reigns have lasted for an impressive total of 398 days.

    Melina started her run with the company with panache as the manager of Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury. The trio was dubbed as MNM and she led "her" men to three Tag Team Championships.

    She is considered as one of the greatest Divas ever by many, including Bret Hart. Her unique split entrance is a delight for the male audiences and she has outstanding wrestling abilities. 

5. Sheamus

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    The Celtic Warrior could be considered as just a "paper champion", but still he is a two-time WWE Champion and he defeated none other than John Cena twice to win the gold.

    He is also the 2010 King Of The Ring and the WWE awarded him the 2009 Slammy Award for Breakout Star of the Year. Even the Wrestling Observer Newsletter acknowledged his talent by giving him the 2010 Award for the Most Improved.

    Sheamus is not great on the mic, but he doesn't need to talk much to make his mark with his mega heel powerful monster gimmick. He is not exactly gracious in the ring, but his powerhouse style can be spectacular.

    At the age of 33, he has a good five years ahead of him to solidify his status and to earn a premium spot into the Hall-of-Fame.

4. Alberto Del Rio

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    So far, Alberto Del Rio has always backed his words and he seems to be in WWE's good graces. He was on a great roll in 2010 and he won the 2011 Royal Rumble to headline Wrestlemania, something not given randomly.

    Since he debuted, he's received the royal treatment, with expensive cars and huge pyros for his entrance; he even has his personal ring announcer, something never seen before, and he always had a lot of air time to cut promos.

    It's maybe an early prediction, but all the signs are pointing in the direction of Del Rio eventually receiving the honor of being a Hall-of-Famer.

3. Beth Phoenix

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    Her three reigns as Womens Champion lasted an amazing total of 367 days and, at the age of 30, she still has a few years to improve her list of accomplishments.

    Beth Phoenix became only woman to eliminate someone in a Royal Rumble match when she got The Great Khali over the rope in 2010. She also became the second woman to enter the classic Rumble match.

    She is a dominant and very talented wrestler. In fact, she is one of the rare Divas on the roster who can actually wrestle. Without a doubt she deserves a spot in the Hall-of-Fame.

2. Goldust

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    Goldust is probably not the first to come to mind when we talk about future Hall-of-Fame inductees, but it would make no sense if he never makes it.

    He is a one-time Tag Team Champion with Booker T, a seven-time Hardcore Champion and a three-time Intercontinental Champion.

    He played an important role in the mid-card division during the Attitude Era and he had his share of exposure on the top of the card with feuds against the biggest names of the time. He is now an appreciated experienced jobber and his wrestling skills are undeniable.

1. Christian

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    The most obvious of the less obvious picks bound for the Hall-of-Fame is Christian.

    He is often overlooked in discussions about future inductions because he did not have as much success as his former partner Edge, who became a multiple time World Champion.

    But Edge & Christian formed one of the greatest tag teams ever and they won the Gold seven times together. The duo made history with their classic ladder and TLC matches at WrestleMania and other PPVS

    In addition to his success with Edge, Christian won the Tag Team Titles on two more occasions, once with Chris Jericho and once with Lance Storm.

    Christian also got his share of success in the mid-card division, with two ECW Championships and three Intercontinental Titles. He is also a former European, WWF Light Heavyweight and Hardcore Champion.