WWE Hall of Fame: 10 Active Wrestlers Overlooked as Potential Future Inductees

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WWE Hall of Fame: 10 Active Wrestlers Overlooked as Potential Future Inductees

On the road to WrestleMania and as a part of the biggest weekend of the year in the world of wrestling, there is another annual tradition, the Hall-of-Fame ceremony.

Year after year, one big name is inducted into the WWE Hall-of-Fame, and some other legends in their own are also added to the induction list.

This year, Shawn Michaels is the leader of the class. And, so far, we know the names of three other wrestling personalities who will make it in HBK's shadow.

"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, "Bullet" Bob Armstrong and Sunny all deserve their spot, there is no doubt, but they are not in Michaels' league.

Not many automatically associate Duggan to the Hall-of-Fame unlike someone like Stone Cold or Hulk Hogan who are obvious picks. It's not a matter of disrespect for those who are not the leaders of their class, but some choices are not always obvious and that is where I want to go in the following slideshow.

The Undertaker, Triple H, John Cena and some others already have their guaranteed first-class ticket for a future Hall-of-Fame ceremony. However, there are also some other wrestlers of less magnitude who will accompany the sure things.

Obviously many names will be missing and I hope to hear from you in the comment section about who should be on the list. I wanted to keep it at 10 to only get my actual sure picks and to avoid the easy way by getting it to 20.

So, let's see who I think have a good chance to make it into the WWE Hall-of-Fame eventually. 

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