WWE Wrestlemania XXVII: Would John Cena Do What The Rock Did?

Angel CervantesContributor IIIMarch 10, 2011

Here’s a scenario: John Cena was offered the role opposite Vin Diesel in Fast Five instead of Dwayne Johnson, and because of it, every Hollywood studio came knocking at John Cena’s door and began offering him major film roles.

Certainly none of us could blame Cena if he accepted the role right? What if the role made him a major star? This is obviously what happened to The Rock with The Mummy 2, and he has never looked back.

The question remains: Would Cena do what The Rock did?

Well, first off, John Cena has never expressed any intent on being a movie star. The Marine, 12 Rounds and Legendary were all made under the WWE umbrella. Since Vince McMahon has always wanted to make movies, Cena, being the company man he is, gladly accepted each role all while working hard to improve in the ring.

John Cena has always said that he would gladly wrestle for WWE for free if need be, and if he could no longer wrestle, he would do anything from sell popcorn to clean up the arena. The point being, Cena would do anything to be involved in WWE.

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With all that being said, the comfort of not having to put your body on the line 300 days a year and still make a ton of money is a pretty tempting one to pass up. Even the most passionate wrestlers I believe would look for other opportunities outside of the squared circle. A full-time wrestling schedule and regularly shooting films would be a tough schedule to keep up even for WWE’s superman. You would think he would eventually be forced to choose one or the other. So which one would it be?

I believe that Cena would choose WWE and that he will always be involved with WWE—one way or another. I could even see a scenario that has Cena transitioning to an announcer role some day. The passion in John Cena is very apparent, and we know that he breathes WWE 24/7. I cannot see a scenario where John Cena abandons WWE for Hollywood.

This is of course no knock on The Rock since many superstars, past and present, have attempted to break into Hollywood and find a sense of security without the physical hardship that comes with professional wrestling. Most wrestlers have failed when it comes to finding other avenues of success besides professional wrestling, and most are forced to wrestle long past their prime (see Ric Flair). Simply put: The Rock found a way out. He also found more success outside the ring than any other wrestler in history.

I do not believe John Cena would turn down the offers if he received them; I just believe that Cena, being the workaholic he is, would find a way to fit both things into his schedule. Let’s face it, The Rock, like he said, did accomplish everything in wrestling that a person could accomplish. John Cena, just like The Rock, has also accomplished everything there is to accomplish and even with all the success, I believe John Cena wants more.

He wants to surpass all his heroes such as Hogan and Sammartino, and yes, even Austin and Rock. John Cena wants to be the best ever, and for that reason, I do believe that John Cena would never leave for such a long period of time like The Rock did.

The Rock did attempt to cement himself as an actor, even dropping The Rock moniker and going by his real name. He knew about the reputation professional wrestling had and attempted to distance himself from that as much as possible. Once his acting career was set and could no longer be harmed by his former association with wrestling, he then realized he could return, make several appearances and all would be instantly forgiven.

Hate him or love him, John Cena would never shun WWE and represents the company with pride in every appearance and in everything he does. John Cena addressed it perfectly when he told The Rock and the fans that for seven years we could not see Mr. Johnson and that he was at Raw every week to show his love to them and to the company.

As corny as Cena is most times, when he does turn serious, it’s easy to see that he would never do what The Rock did, and he loves and would do anything for WWE.